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This a 1oz silver bullion coin. It is worth around $40 because of the silver content. It is worth the price of silver per ounce.

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Q: What is a coin says one troy ounce silver .999 with a small shield on top of a large wreath on one side and liberty on an indian head on the other side?
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What are Indian head pennies?

Indian head cents were minted from 1859 to 1909. The front side had a picture of Miss Liberty wearing a Native American headdress and the back side had a shield and wreath with the words ONE CENT.

What does a silver 1862 Indian head one cent piece look like?

A silver Indian Head one cent coin from 1862 does not exist. The coin was made of bronze, not silver, and featured a depiction of Liberty wearing a Native American headdress on the obverse side, and a wreath on the reverse side.

Value of 1889 USmerica Indian head Penny?

It is not mint but is in fairly good shape. The back is a wreath, open at the top, with the Presidential shield at the top. In the Wreath is the wording "One Cent".

When were Indian head pennies struck?

Indian Head cents were made from 1859 to 1909. There are several varieties: > 1859 : made from copper-nickel, with a wreath on the reverse > 1860 to mid-1864 : copper-nickel, with a shield and modified wreath on the reverse > mid-1864 to mid-1909 : bronze, with a shield and wreath Indian head cents were minted every year during that time. Nearly all were made in Philadelphia and do not carry a mint mark. In 1908 and 1909 small numbers of Indian head cents were struck at San Francisco. They were the first cents struck there even though that Mint had been in operation for decades, and are the only US cents to ever have the mint mark on the back (below the wreath).

This Indian head penny only has US of America on the face side and one cent on the back?

The obverse (front) of an Indian Head cent has the date, legend and bust. The reverse has the shield, wreath and denomination of one cent.

The original one cent was the US coin to have a picture of an olive wreath on one side and a picture of who on the other side?

Prior to the Lincoln cent, first produced in 1909, the US one cent piece always (except in 1856-1858 with the flying eagle cent) had a representaion of Liberty on the front and a wreath with the denomination on the back. (Note that the "Indian Head Penny" is actually Liberty wearing an Indian headdress.)

What is the value of a 1910 silver Liberty Head with letter V in middle of wreath - it reads ten cents?

The only US coin ever made with the roman numeral V (5) on the reverse was the Liberty Head Nickel 1883-1912 and the word CENTS is below the wreath and has no silver it's made from copper and nickel.Most coins show heavy wear an have low retail values of $1.00-$3.00.

How much is a Silver coin lady liberty sitting holding flag and shield on front with flower wreath and 1 troy ounce silver 999 on back no date no eagle on back worth?

What you have isn't a US coin, but rather a privately minted silver bullion round. It is worth whatever 1 troy ounce of silver is worth, at the time of writing it is worth about $34, but the price of silver fluctuates, sometimes wildly, so tomorrow it will be worth more or less.

How do you tell is an 1899 liberty dollar is an O'?

With all Morgan Silver Dollars, the mint mark is located on the reverse side underneath the wreath which is below the Eagle's arrows.

What if your silver dollar has an A on the wreath?

Please post a new question with the coin's date and mint mark, and the position of the "A" on the wreath.

What is the value of a one ounce silver coin no date wreath on one side profile head with feather headdress and word liberty on the headdress band?

That is a privately minted silver round. It only has a bullion value for the ounce of silver it contains -- as of 6/2012 that is about $28 Current prices for an ounce of silver can be found at

How much is a 1904 Indian head wheat back in fair condition worth?

All Indian Head cents from 1860 to 1909 have a Shield & Oak Wreath reverse not a Wheat Ear reverse. 1904 is a very common year. Average retail value is $1.00-$2.00.