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Sounds like you have a 1903 commemorative medal.

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Q: What is a coin that is bronze and has the Louisiana purchase on the back and Jefferson on the front and is a bout the size of a half dollar worth it looks really old and says 1803 on the back?
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How much did Jefferson purchase the Louisiana Territory?

15 millions dollar

Why was president Jefferson able to make The Louisiana Purchase so easily?

The land that the french sold at the time was 1 cent an acre, witch now translates to a dollar an acre.

What is the size of the Louisiana Purchase?

It included 828,800 square miles in area and it had a $15 million dollar price tag.

What currency is Jefferson on?

Jefferson's face is seen on the nickel and the 2-dollar bill.

How much are bronze dollars worth?

If by bronze dollar you mean U.S. Sacagawea or Presidential dollars, they're worth one dollar each.

What element is in the Thomas Jefferson Dollar?

gold dollar

What color are Canadian dollar bills?

we dont have dollar bills we have dollar coins and they are a bronze color lol

What is the value of trade dollar 1876 bronz?

If you've got a bronze trade dollar coin, it is a fake. Real trade dollars were made out of silver, not bronze.

What dollar bill has Thomas Jefferson on it?

Not $1. Jefferson is on the $2 bill.

Who is on the US 2 dollar bill?

Thomas Jefferson Simply, Jefferson is on the 2 dollar bill. Its a cool bill isn't it?

1962 Jefferson half dollar?

Please take another look. That's Benjamin Franklin on the half dollar. Jefferson is on the US nickel.

What years were Jefferson on the twenty dollar bill?

I don't believe that Thomas Jefferson ever appeared on a twenty dollar bill. Andrew Jackson has been the portrait on the US twenty dollar bill since 1928. Jefferson does appear on the two dollar bill, and has since 1918 (and also from 1869 to 1874).

What isvalue thomas jefferson golden dollar?

One US dollar.

Thomas Jefferson one dollar?

It's still only a dollar.

Who is on the two dollar bills?

Thomas Jefferson is on the 2 Dollar Bill

One dollar thomas jefferson?

It's still only a dollar.

Rare bronze American half dollar what is it worth?

Sorry no Bronze US half dollars, it's likely a bronze mint medal of some type.

What is the value of an American bronze dollar dated 2000?

It's brass, not bronze, and is only worth face value.

What is a gold plated Thomas Jefferson quarter worth?

Thomas Jefferson is not currently, nor has he ever been, on the U.S. quarter. What you probably have is the Jefferson presidential dollar from 2007. It's worth one dollar.

Who is on 2 dollar bill?


How much is a 1881 England half bronze dollar worth?

The Brits did not produce Half Dollar coins.

Is Thomas Jefferson on any kind of money?

Jefferson is on the two dollar bill and the nickel.

What is the value of one dollar william Henry Jefferson 1841 gold coin?

It's William Henry Harrison, not Jefferson, and it's worth one dollar.

Thomas Jefferson the principal author of the declaration of independence appears on what coin?

Actually, Thomas Jefferson has appeared on 3 US coins: the Jefferson nickel first issued in 1938 and continues today, the Jefferson Presidential Dollar issued in 2007 and the Thomas Jefferson 250th Anniversary Dollar issued in 1993.

How much is a 1979 Jefferson half dollar worth?

A Jefferson half dollar would be a real find, because Jefferson is on the nickel and JFK is on the half dollar. Regardless, a 1979 nickel is worth 5¢ and a 1979 half is worth exactly 10 times as much.