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What is a compact disk?

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A compact disk is an average CD.

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What is the computers compact disk?

a compact disk does not belong to the computer maybe your thinking about the compact disk drive. a compact disk is just a CD-ROM.

Which holds more info a floppy disk or a compact disk?

Compact disk do

Cd means compact disk or computer disk?

CD mean only compact disk

Can you play an American compact disk in British compact disk player?

Yes, you can.

Who is founder of compact disk?

James Russell invented the compact disk in 1965.

When was the compact disk invented?

The process for making a compact disk had been in the works for many years. However, the first official and fully functioning compact disk was produced in 1979.

Who invented the compact disk player?

the person who invented the compact disk system was James russelJames Russell invented the compact disk in 1965. James Russell was granted a total of 22 patents for various elements of his compact disk system. However, the compact disk did not become popular until it was mass manufactured by Philips in 1980.

What does the D mean in CD?

disk (compact disk)

What is a optical disk?

it is a CD(Compact Disk) and a DVD (Digital Video Disk)

What does CD stand for in CD 4016?

CD stand for Compact Disk and CD 4016 stand for compact disk my

What is a CD-ROM?

Compact Disk - Read Only MemoryCompact Disk Read Only Memory

The circumference of a compact disk?

The circumfrence of a compact disk is 37.6991118 cm or 37.70cm rounded or nearly 15 inches.

How was the compact disk player invented?

i-pods suck so they invented compact disk players aka CD playas

What is the name of a compact disk?

Compact Discs are also know as CDs.

CD stand for?

Compact Disk.

What is the use of compact disk?

A compact disk (CD) is used to store data in the form of tiny magnetic strips printed by lasers.

The abbreviation CD stand for?

compact disc or certificate of depositCompact Disk

What is compact disk file system?

The Compact Disk File System or CDFS is a format used for storing information on CD's. It uses a laser to burn data into the disk for later viewing.

Another name for a CD is?

A compact disk.

What are Advantages of compact disk?

a CD player

Advantages and disadvantages of compact disk?


What is the circumference of a compact disk?

it is 15.70798 cm

What is a Compact Disk- ReWrite?


Can a broken or smashed compact disk be repaired?


What is the meaning of VCD?

Video compact disk.