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Complete dominance is a genetics concept used in heterozygous alleles. The dominant allele completely suppresses expression of the recessive one so that a homozygous dominant and a heterozygous individual are phenotypically indistinguishable.

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What is the difference of complete dominance and incomplete dominance?

complete dominance is when the dominant trait mask the recessive trait but in incomplete dominance the dominant trait mix withe recessive trait ....

What type dominance do pea plants show?

complete dominance

What type of dominance do pea plants show?

complete dominance....

What is the term for dominance in which the dominant allele is always expressed?

Complete dominance

What is the dominance in which the dominant allele is always expressed called?

complete dominance

What are 3 patterns of inheritance?

complete dominance incomplete dominance co-dominance multiple alleles polygenic inheritance

How does incomplete dominance differ from complete dominance in it's phenotypic expression?

In complete dominance, only one allele in the genotype is seen in the phenotype. In codominance, both alleles in the genotype are seen in the phenotype. In incomplete dominance, a mixture of the alleles in the genotype is seen in the phenotype.

What is an example of complete dominance?

eye color

How are co dominance incomplete dominance and complete dominance alike?

All deal with alleles. They are all heterozygous pairs and they are all inheritance patterns

Can you use complete dominance in a sentence?

I completed the test yesterday.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Scotland demonstrated their complete dominance over their opponents by winning the match five goals to nil.

How many phenotypes are possible for complete dominance?


What kind of dominance is a dominant allele exhibiting when it completely masks a recessive allele?

The allele is exhibiting complete dominance.

What does total dominance of one allele mean?

Total dominance is just another way of saying complete dominance. It is basically when one allele takes over the other

What is patterns of inheritance?

complete dominance incomplete dominance codominance multiple alleles polygenic inheritance sex-linked inheritance

When are genotypic ratio and phenotypic ratio are the same?

complete dominance

How many alleles influence a phenotype in complete dominance?


How many phenotypes are possible from complete dominance allels?


When one allele shows dominance over another allele?

When one allele shows dominance over another it is masking the expression of the other allele which is called "recessive".The word for this is complete dominance.

When inheritance of a particular trait follows a pattern of what?

complete dominance for plato :)

When two alleles overshadows the other what is demonstrated?

You are seeing complete dominance.

When one allele is dominant to a recessive allele is called?

complete dominance

What is meant by complete dominance?

Complete dominance means that the dominant allele completely masks the effects of the recessive allele. The only way a recessive allele can be exhibited phenotypically is if the organism is homozygous recessive for that allele.

Explain incomplete dominance?

In complete dominance or codominance key is when the heterozygous genotype produces a trait that's mixed with the recessive and dominent gene.

What is the difference between Complete dominance Incomplete dominance and Codominance?

Complete Dominance: Where in the dominant gene completely masks the effect of the resesive gen in heterozygous conditions. Ex. Tt or Rr. Incomplete Dominance: When 2 or more alleles influence a phenotype. Ex. Flowers. Codominance: When both alleles for a gene are expressed in heterozygous offspring. Ex. Bloodtype.

When heterozygous plants and homozygous dominant plants have the same phenotype?

complete dominance

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