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The Mint issued clad and silver State Quarters (5-coin) proof sets. Post new question as to what type of sets.

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All circulating U.S. state quarters are worth 25 cents.

If your proof set has 9 coins it is worth $15. If it has 5 state quarters it is worth $9. If it is a regular silver proof set it is worth $144.

They're generally only worth face value. A completely uncirculated coin might be worth a little more to a collector.

Yes, but that would be pretty dumb. Proof quarters are specialy made coins that are worth more than regular quarters. All proofs have the mintmark S on the coin.

With the exception of certain proof sets, they are only worth the face value of the coin.

A 1999 US Mint 50 State Quarters Proof Set is worth about five US dollars. However, a 1999-2008 US Mint 50 State Quarters Proof Set is worth about 100 US dollars.

Technically they are worth 25 cents. 1964 was the last silver was used to make quarters. So unless they're uncirculated or proof no, they're worth 25 cents.

The National Parks quarters are still in progress, so a complete set of those won't be possible until the year 2022. A full set of Statehood quarters, including DC and the Territories is 56 quarters (or 112 for both Philadelphia and Denver). None of the coins in the series are rare, but it might be possible to get 50 cents per coin if they're truly uncirculated. That's double face value.

The US has never minted gold quarters. A private company took genuine proof quarters and plated them with a thin layer of gold. Unfortunately that means they're altered coins and have lost any numismatic value they had as proofs.

There aren't 112 proof state quarters. There are only 50 proof state quarters, (along with 6 in the DC/US territories). Unless you are meaning you had both the clad (copper-nickel, common) proofs and the silver proof sets. But just about every clad US proof state quarter is worth about $1 or so, silver proof quarters go for about $7-8 or about fifty cents or a dollar above melt value individually.

it is around 350 to 400 if its in good condition. Only face value. The only sets of these quarters that may be worth more are complete rolls of uncirculated coins in unpoened wrappers with documentation. Proof sets are worth a bit more but because the state quarters are so common now, they are really only worth face value.

August 23, 2009 The complete 100 roll sets of State Quarters are selling for about $1200.

Circulation issue Washington quarters dated 1964 and before are worth at least about $6 for the silver content because they are 90% silver. Some dates/mintmarks are worth more and the better the condition (especially on the earlier issues) the more money they are worth. All circulation issue quarters dated 1965 and after are only worth 25 cents. Coins in mint/proof sets are worth more than face though the value depends on the year and what type of set was it in (mint set, special mint set, proof set, silver proof set, etc.)

A 1957 quarter is worth about $3.75 in top circulated condition. Uncirculated quarters are worth up to $14 and proof specimens are $8.

None of the bicentennial quarters made for general circulation have any silver or are worth more than face value. Only Proof and collectors coins sold from the US Mint are worth more.

Current retail price for the 9 piece silver proof set is $288.00 issue price was $31.95

Quarters dated 1965 and later are worth face value only, unless they're in uncirculated or proof condition.

2,000,000 quarters is worth $500,000.

how many quarters does the moon worth

No US quarters dated 1966 are silver. The only US quarters struck in silver are dated 1964 or before with the exception of silver proof sets (most proof sets are -not- silver and silver proof sets are marked as silver) but those are dated from 1992-present.

Quarters???? Try dollars! They're being churned out by the billions so unless you have a proof or uncirculated coin in its original mint package any of these coins will be worth face value only, one buck.

First of all these quarters won't be released till 2013. When they are released they will only be worth 25 cents unless they are proof.

There were 1.7 billion bicentennial quarters minted, and they're still worth 25 cents each. The only ones worth more are the silver and proof varieties.

The "S" mintmark denotes it's a Proof coin and values are $1.50 to $6.00 depending on the quality of the coin, also if it's a clad or 90% silver Proof.

Only proof coins have more than face value.Any found in circulation are just 25 cents.

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