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A computer hardware engineer is involved in the design and development of systems and components. This would include hardware such as processors and circuit boards.

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General skills of a computer hardware engineer?

To be a computer hardware engineer, you would have to know the main components of a computer, know computer language, and understand computer math.

Which job is better Computer Hardware Engineer or Computer Software Engineer?

software engineer is better according to my point of view

What is computer hardware engineer?

Computer hardware engineer is a person, who helps you to repair internal parts of your computers. Means a computer hardware engineer's expertise lies with the physical parts of computers and computer systems. Thanks SolutionForTech WWW.SolutionForTech.Com

What do engineers that start with the letter C?

· Chemical Engineer · Civil Engineer · Computer Hardware Engineer

What type of engineers start with a c?

chemical engineercivil engineercomputer hardware engineer

What subjects are needed for a Computer Engineering and why?

A Computer Engineer needs both the training of an Electronics Engineer and a Software Engineer. This is because he will be designing computer hardware and must understand how the hardware and software architectures interact to produce an efficient design.

What is an engineering career that starts with the letter C?

· Chemical Engineer · Civil Engineer · Computer Hardware Engineer

What engineering careers are there that start with the letter c?

· Chemical Engineer · Civil Engineer · Computer Hardware Engineer

What are some engineering jobs that starts with c?

· Chemical Engineer · Civil Engineer · Computer Hardware Engineer

What engineering job starts with the letter c?

· Chemical Engineer · Civil Engineer · Computer Hardware Engineer

What is an engineering job that starts with a c?

Chemical Engineer, Civil Engineer and Computer Hardware Engineer are engineering jobs.

How much does a computer hardware engineer?

starts around 60,000

What is the difference between software engineer and computer engineer?

I think the difference lies in the projects they work on. A computer engineer and software engineer can both do software, but computer engineers typically work on some of the hardware aspect of their project as well. The way I see it, I see a lot of computer engineers work on embedded software/hardware, and software engineers work more on software applications. There are two types of computer engineers, software engineer and hardware engineer software engineers mainly do software stuff and hard engineers work with computer parts

What engineering and science jobs are there that can be fun using a computer?

There are a variety of engineering jobs available that would use a computer. Some examples would be an engineer technician, an electrical engineering tech, a computer engineer, a computer hardware engineer, or even a computer software engineer.

What is the special hardware and software needed in Engineering and Manufacturing?

sir , i am computer hardware engineer, and find job

How many years of education do you need to be a computer hardware engineer?


How much does a computer engineer earn a month?

computer hardware engineers: $8325 Computer software engineers: $6688

What does a hardware engineer do?

Computer hardware engineers design computers, modems, and new computer chips. The Occupational Outlook Handbook has more information.

Benefits of becoming a computer hardware engineer?

oh u need not be outsourced

What type of education needed to become a computer engineer?

computer field is a vast field it is also known as it field well there are different forms of computer engineer e.g hardware engineer,software engineer hardware is the physical part of computer whom u may touch but the software is a set of programs that is run by computer according to the instruction given to it. so hardware engineer makes the different part of computer or u can say prepare the computer whereas software engineer develop the different software like software of office,games,sofware of windows and much more things are develop by software engineers nd to be a computer engineer you should be learn about computer and study the subjects related to comuter e.g oop(object oriented programming)is a language which run programs on a computer hope so it will help you

How much money does a computer hardware engineer make per year?

50 miilion

What is the demand for computer hardware engineers in the future?

It is no secret that computers are now essential to most households and businesses. Increased use of computers has led to a greater demand for people with skills and training in computer-related fields. There are hundreds of thousands of people employed as computer hardware engineers, information technology specialists and computer repair specialists. A career as a computer hardware engineer can be exciting and monetarily rewarding. A computer hardware engineer salary can vary depending on the location of the company, the years of professional experience and current economic conditions. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual computer hardware engineer salary is $97,400. Like most every profession, a computer hardware engineer's salary will vary with years of professional experience. Most computer hardware engineers make somewhere between $54,000 and $148,000 per year. An entry-level computer hardware engineer with a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering will start out at a salary between $55,000 and $60,000. Over time a computer hardware engineer can expect to see a salary raise with the more professional experience that he or she obtains. Computer hardware engineers work for all different type of employers such as commercial businesses, the military, government organizations and scientific research facilities. There are several popular fields that computer hardware engineers work in and the salary of the computer hardware engineer may vary according to the specific field. The median annual salary for a computer hardware engineer who works in computer and information technology services is $77,000. The annual salary for a computer hardware engineer is slightly higher at about $83,000 if he or she works in the computer and office equipment field. Computer hardware engineers who work in telecommunications or the electrical components field can expect about $72,000 per year. These salaries will vary depending on the economic conditions during the time of employment. Because there is a high demand for computer hardware engineers, there is also plenty of competition for the available jobs. Times of economic prosperity bring more work as well as better paying work. Consequently, the demand for an experienced computer hardware engineer is higher and he or she can expect to start at a high salary and receive pay raises. However, during times of economic recession the starting salary may be lower and the opportunities for pay raises may be less common. A computer hardware engineer salary will also vary depending on the location of the job. Some of the top paying states for software development managers include New York, California, Missouri, the District of Columbia and Massachusetts. Several of these states are also among the top states in the number of computer hardware engineers employed. Performance can also affect a computer hardware engineer's salary. Computer hardware engineers are responsible of researching, designing, developing and testing the equipment they create. Computer hardware engineers who create good products will receive more pay than those who do not. The best paying computer hardware engineering jobs require plenty of education, professional experience and proof that the computer hardware engineer can do his or her job very well. Source:

What are some engineering jobs that start with a 'C'?

Chemical Engineer is an engineering job. Additional engineering jobs include Civil Engineer and Computer Hardware Engineer.

What are the importance of computer programming to engineers?

That depends on the type of engineer. To a hardware engineer I suppose a programmer is just the person that handles software. Hardware engineers don't write code. A software engineer would either design the program for the programmer to code, or do some coding themselves. Programming would probably be important to a software engineer and nearly irrelevant to a hardware engineer.

How much does a computer hardware engineer make?

AnswerMore than enoughAbout 200,000 at max experience

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