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Q: What is a congressional overide?
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Does a prior will overide a trust fund?

No, it will not.

What does it take to overide a veto?

2/3 votes

Does veteran preference act overide a collective bagaining agreement?


How do you spell overide?

The correct spelling is override (an exclusion circuit, or to overrule).

Immobiliser problem ford explorer can you overide the immobilizer?

Were is the valet overide switch button Toyota rav4?

For most vehicles the valet/overide button/switch is located somewhere hidden underneath the stearing wheel area. It is usually hard to spot, but it is there somewhere.

Disable drl gmc sonoma?

push the overide swithch 2 times

Required daily log of what goes on in Congress?

Congressional record

What was firmly in republican hands after the election of 1866?

The power to overide any presidential veto.

Who are New York's 29 Representatives to the US House of Representatives?

There are 29 Representatives from New York in the US House of Representatives, as of January 2011.Bishop, Timothy, 1st Congressional DistrictIsrael, Steve, 2nd Congressional DistrictKing, Pete, 3rd Congressional DistrictMcCarthy, Carolyn, 4th Congressional DistrictAckerman, Gary, 5th Congressional DistrictMeeks, Gregory W., 6th Congressional DistrictCrowley, Joseph, 7th Congressional DistrictNadler, Jerrold, 8th Congressional DistrictWeiner, Anthony D., 9th Congressional DistrictTowns, Edolphus, 10th Congressional DistrictClarke, Yvette D., 11th Congressional DistrictVelázquez, Nydia M., 12th Congressional DistrictGrimm, Michael, 13th Congressional DistrictMaloney, Carolyn, 14th Congressional DistrictRangel, Charles B., 15th Congressional DistrictSerrano, José E., 16th Congressional DistrictEngel, Eliot, 17th Congressional DistrictLowey, Nita, 18th Congressional DistrictHayworth, Nan, 19th Congressional DistrictGibson, Chris, 20th Congressional DistrictTonko, Paul D., 21st Congressional DistrictHinchey, Maurice, 22nd Congressional DistrictOwens, Bill, 23rd Congressional DistrictHanna, Richard, 24th Congressional DistrictBuerkle, Ann Marie, 25th Congressional DistrictLee, Christopher J., 26th Congressional DistrictHiggins, Brian, 27th Congressional DistrictSlaughter, Louise, 28th Congressional DistrictReed, Tom, 29th Congressional District[January 2011]

Does the preamble to the US constitution sets the vote needed to overide veto?

False.. Nova Net

What branch can overide a presidents vote?

Congress can overide the Oresidents vote with a 2/3 majority, or the Supreme Court can find a Presidents actions unconstitutional and strike it down. The government works on a system of checks and balances, and so all branches can affect each other.