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A constitutional monarchy is a form of constitutional government, where either an elected or hereditary monarch is the head of state, unlike in an absolute monarchy, wherein the king or the queen is the sole source of political power, as he or she is not legally bound by the constitution.

The levels and types of power and authority held by the Monarch vary from case to case, as does the nature and guarantees of the constitution, of course.

Most constitutional monarchies have a parliamentary system (such as Australia, Belgium, Cambodia, Canada, Denmark, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom) in which the monarch is the head of state, but a directly or indirectly elected prime minister is head of government.

Although most contemporary constitutional monarchies are representative, constitutional democratic monarchies, they have co-existed with fascist and quasi-fascist constitutions (Italy, Spain) and with military dictatorships.

There is no implication of shared power implicit in a constitutional monarchy. IN some cases, the constitutional monarch is essentially powerless and a figurehead, in others, the monarch enjoys -almost- unlimited power.

The sole distinction in a constitutional monarchy is that the power of the monarch is predicated on constitutional empowerment and limitations.

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Q: What is a constitutional monarchy?
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How could I use constituional monarchy in a sentence?

There's never a good constitutional monarchy around when you need one. Sweden is a constitutional monarchy.

What are the similarities absolute monarchy and constitutional monarchy?

The similarities between a monarchy and constitutional monarchy are that their are both monarchies.

Is America a constitutional monarchy?

no America is not a constitutional monarchy

What kind of government does Japan have?

Constitutional monarchyA Constitutional Monarchy.yes yesConstitutional monarchy

What type of government does the constitutional monarchy of japan have?

A constitutional monarchy.

Is great Britain a constitutional or absolute monarchy?

Constitutional Monarchy.

What are some disadvantages of constitutional monarchy?

There are virtually no disadvantages to a constitutional monarchy.

Does North Korea have a constitutional monarchy?

No. North Korea does not have a Constitutional Monarchy.

When did England become a constitutional monarchy?

England became a constitutional monarchy in 1688 CE after the Glorious Revolution. The first monarchs to rule with a constitutional monarchy were William and Mary of Orange.

Is Morocco's government constitutional monarchy?

yes. morocco's government is constitutional monarchy.

Is constitutional monarchy a type of government?

England has a constitutional monarchy. It is well governed.

Who holds power in a constitutional monarchy?

In constitutional monarchy, power is vested to monarch. but to a certain limitation.

Which monarchy is England?

A constitutional monarchy.

What is sweden's form of government?

Constitutional monarchy.Constitutional Monarchy and Parliamentary Democracy.

What form of government did Count Cavour believe in?

constitutional monarchythe answer is constitutional monarchy

When was Australians for Constitutional Monarchy created?

Australians for Constitutional Monarchy was created in 1992-06.

Who chooses the ruler in constitutional monarchy?

God. In a constitutional monarchy it is normal for the crown to be inherited.

What are the two types of monarchy?

Absolute monarchy and Constitutional monarchy

What type of government does Denmark have?

Constitutional monarchy.You could call it a democracy, but we have a monarchy. The proper term would be a constitutional monarchy.

What is an example constitutional monarchy?

The British monarchy is a constitutional monarchy. The Queen is head of state but exercises no power regarding the running of the country.

What is the difference between the divine right monarchy and a constitutional monarchy?

Divine right monarchy is based on gods, Constitutional is based on the Constitution.

When did constitutional government begin in England?

Constitutional monarchy is the type of government currently in place in England. The change from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy took place in 1688 with the Glorious Revolution.

What is a sentence with constitutional monarchy?

The nation of Australia is a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth serving as the sovereign.

What is limited constitutional monarchy?

Limited constitutional monarchy is a monarchy in which the powers of the rulers are limited to those granted under the laws of the nation and the constitution.

What are the similarities between constitutional and absolute monarchy?

The similarities between a monarchy and constitutional monarchy are that their are both monarchies.