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A consumer in Ecology is a living organism that lives in a community that must eat to get the energy it needs.

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Is the Canada lynx a consumer?

Yes, it is a secondary consumer if relating to ecology.

What is a second-level consumer?

It's something in ecology!

What begins with c that is to do with ecology?

conservation, consumer, commensalism, climate

Can you give me the definition of ecology by different authors under consumer behavior?

contesten babosos no se queden callados

What does tertiary consumer mean in science?

tertiary consumer  noun Ecology . a carnivore at the topmost level in a food chain that feeds on other carnivores; an animal that feeds only on secondary consumers.

What are the different branches of ecology?

Population ecology, systems ecology, and applied ecology are the main branches of ecology.

What are the related disciplines and approaches under ecology?

There are several different disciplines within ecology. Those include animal ecology, population ecology, quantitative ecology, community ecology, and molecular ecology.

What are the subdisciplines of ecology?

ecology has a wide range of disciplines. a few examples would be aquatic ecology, behavioral ecology, or population ecology.

Branches of ecology?

biosphere,population ecology,landscape ecology

What is meant by gates of ecology?

The gates of ecology is a text book of ecology that introduces the learners to the subject of ecology.

What are the branches of ecology?

Ecology has many branches. Some of the branches of ecology are microbial ecology- study of micro-organisms, urban ecology- study of urban areas, and soil ecology- the study of the pedosphere.

Branchs of ecology?

Ecology is usually considered to be a branch of biology that focuses on and studies living organisms. There are specialize branches of ecology that include conservation ecology, chemical ecology, applied ecology, and biogeochemistry.

What has the author Paul Swatek written?

Paul Swatek has written: 'The user's guide to the protection of the environment' -- subject(s): Consumer education, Pollution, Ecology

Is there a plural for ecology?


What Is a ecology?

friendly for the environment

What is suffix for ecology?


What is ecology inbalance?

when ecology gets lost when ecology gets lost

Roots of ecology?

roots of ecology

What is the science of society?

ecology ecology

What are the characteristics of the ecology?

what are the characteristics of ecology

What does consumer mean in ecology?

"Consumer" in ecology means that Organisms obtains food by eating other organisms or plants, also called the producers. The reason they feed onto other organisms because they lack of the ability to manufacture their own food like plants. Plants can live on sunlight and water unlike other animals. Soo animals " Consume" food through other organisms

Which field of biology deals with relationships between organisms and their environments?


What part of speech is ecology?

The word ecology is a noun. Ecology is a branch of the science biology.

How do use the word ecology in a sentence?

answers:-how do you use the word ecology in a sentence-i don't know what ecology-noone likes ecology-ecology is gay people that like ecologyits not that hard to make one up actuallyin other wordsyou just did

What are the subdivision of ecology?

sub division of ecology

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