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a convection box is a box with incense or punk to light it up you will have two clear chimney type of tube the tube will show how fast the heat is. aka to leave the box

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Why was the ice compartment at the top of the ice box?

cause of convection current

What is a type of heat transfer that occurs best in gases and liquids?


What is the difference between convection baking and regular baking?

Convection baking is baking using heated air that is blown around the food. Regular baking is placing a food inside a box over the heat. Convection baking will dry the surface of the food more, giving it a crisp/crusty texture.

Is a convection current the same as a convection?

Yes. Convection is a type of energy and a convection current is, well, the phrase for its currents. So yeah, convection and convection current are the same.

What is the scientific name for convection?

The scientific name for convection is "convection."

What is the Difference in normal convection and forced convection?

Forced convection is forced [man-made] and normal convection is natural.

Where does conduction convection and radiation occur?

Condction-- In the Iron Box or Kettle from flame to Pot bottom Convection-- Airconditioning the room .Cooling takes place by movement of the cooler particles. Radiation-- From Sun transfer of heat. Or from a Bonfire in cols places.

Who discovered convection?

author Holmes discovered convection the date of when he found convection is unknown

Why does convection take place in the atmosphere?

Convection take place because of convection currents

What is the difference between the bake and convection bake settings on your convection oven?

Convection is hotter

How do you use convection current in a sentence?

Convection current is a stream of fluid propelled by thermal convection. Convection is mostly around gas and liquid

What is a good sentence with the word 'convection' in it?

Convection is only one of the three types of heat.Can't we use the convection oven?

What is the equation for convection?


How convection is used in house?

convection oven :)

Does a toaster heat by convection or conduction?


Where convection can happen?

convection happens in liquid

What is a toaster conduction convection or radiation?


Is heat from a cup of coffee convection?


What is the definition for convection boundary?

The boundary of convection

Is a toaster oven conduction or convection?

it is convection

Is an iron convection radiation or conduction?


Is a kite conduction convection or radiation?


Is a fireplace convection conduction or radiation?


What is an example of a convection of a convection current?

probably the convection currents in the troposphere that connects the troposhere and the stratosphere.

What is convection and how does it cause plates to move?

What is convection and how does it cause plates to move? What are the consequences of convection in the mantle?

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