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What is a cool job that pays well?


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There aren't any...or I would have it!

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Well they may enjoy the job or that it pays well.

It is a very stressful job, but pays well. And it is good in the sense that you help people by doing this job.

It can be a good job and it pays well. But it also depends on if you have the experience and if you can do a good job helping people. Good luck!

cardiologist make well over 500k... they make about 700k

It is quite hard to get a well payed job without a degree. The best thing to do is get a job that pays quite well (ex. waiter, secretary) and work your way up. You will never get into a job straight away that pays £50,000 for example, but you can work your way up from £20,000 to £50,000 with experience.

If you go for an interview for a job you will discuss many things with the boss. One of them will be how much a job pays. The most important thing to note is that even if the job pays well, you have to enjoy it, theres nothing worse than doing a job for one thing only, money. At fist the money may be quite scarce especially if its your first job, but if you show commitment and honesty it could be increased.

Something with family ties or a job that pays you commission (for legit jobs) (for high-paying legit jobs)

If you want to be in the medical field I would recomend this job. It pays well and everything!

you will probably be happier at a job you like than you would be having a job that you don't like but pays a lot

The one that pays $54k a year.

the way to find a job the pays over a 100 is look in the internet u stupied

Well No One Really Knows What The Best Job Is Really But A Great Job Must Be Something You Enjoy And Can Do Well. : ]The one you can do really well.THIS IS COOL I say the best job is being an athlete.

The two most important factors when choosing a job are pay and how fulfilling the work is. If a job pays well but makes you miserable, it won't work out.

Doctor, Dentist Vet Medical pays well, but chemistry is hard to pass in A level

Well, even though I am only 11, I am really smart so, any job that is done on a volunteer basis, which basically means you are working for free.

Only if you have no means of looking after them during their growing years. You will need a good job that pays well.

How about a Pediatrician. That is a good job that pays well, but you will need to go back to school for that. Also, you can work at a summer camp.

Laywers, dentists, doctors

Work for it. Get a job that pays money.

they have to sit around and do nothing all day long play on the computer this job pays really well

Any job that pays the statutory minimum wage. In the UK no employer is allowed to pay less than the Statutory Minimum wage.

There are many different types of career paths one could choose if they want to make money. Careers such as doctors, lawyers and surgeons. My job pays about average as I am a landscaper.

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