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A correspondence school is a school where you have to use mail, email and other ways to get information across to the school. It is not for everyone and you should talk to your parents about it.

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Correspondence schools are basically schools that teach you from exactly where you are at with out going to a school institution building. Another term is distance learning.

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There are lots of options for correspondence schools. You can find many online classes and vocational also offer correspondence courses.

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Q: What is a correspondence school?
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When was The Correspondence School created?

The Correspondence School was created in 1922.

When was American School of Correspondence created?

American School of Correspondence was created in 1897.

Is International Correspondence School accredited?

Yes, it used to be the largest correspondence school in the world (not sure if it still is). Was established in 1890 or 1891.

What school gives good correspondence courses in Missouri?

The University of Missouri is one of several schools that offer good correspondence courses. Another good school for correspondence courses is University of Phoenix.

Does a school have to be accredited to offer online correspondence courses?

No, a school does not have to be accredited to offer online correspondence courses. However, if I were a student I would aim for a school that does, because it would look better on my transcript.

What are the closest correspondence schools to Bozeman, Montana?

I am sorry to hear that your child has ADHD. I afraid there is no correspondence school in Bozeman, Montana. but you can find online correspondence schools for your child.

Where can I find a Correspondence School in Eastern Kentucky?

Correspondence schools located in Eastern Kentucky are such as ABeka Academy, American School, Calvert School, Moore Foundation, the University of Kentucky but there are many more schools.

Answers to Midwest correspondence high school exam in Chicago il?

Midwest Correspondence High School is now closed, but Excel High School Online is accepting students to complete their high school online. Check out the BBB Alert.

Suggest colleges which provides correspondence course of jornalism?

London School of Journalism is one college that provides a correspondence course of journalism.

How do you register for Cornerstone Christian Correspondence school?

== == == == Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School is not an accredited school, it does not meet government standards and the diploma will not be accepted by any state colleges or universities.Refer to related question below for more information and address

Who are Correspondence Schools for?

Correspondence Schools are for individuals who can not physically be in a school and would like to be taught from a distance. For example online courses or through the mail.

Does Hinds community college take correspondence school diplomas?