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Q: What is a country with a double r in its name?
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What country has a double r in its name?

Andorra and Sierra Leone

What country name starts with a r?


Which 7 letter country ends in R?

The name of the country is " Ecuador ".

Name countries of the world starting with the letter R?

Rwanda is a country. It begins with the letter R.

Country name which starts with letter r?

Russia, Rwanda and Romania are countries. They begin with the letter R.

Words that have double r and an a before the double r?


Is occurred double r?

occurred, yes double -r

What is the name of a country in Latin America that starts with R?

One country in Latin America that starts with the letter "R" is Argentina.

What country has the letters y g e you s e n r?

Germany is the country that has the letters y, g, e, u, s, e, n, and r in its name.

What is a name of a place that starts with the letter R?

Rwanda (a small country in east Africa).

Country singers with a first name that starts with r?

rhett akins & rick trevino

Is dutch the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a country in northwestern Europe.The people of the Netherlands are known as the Dutch.Their language is complex, it has the nick name double dutch.