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Q: What is a country without government?
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Why does a country need government?

without a government a country would not be control and managed

The condition of a country without an effective government?

It's called 'anarchy'.

A government that rules a country form year to year without great change is usually?

A government that rules a country form year to year without great change is usually a republic government. The power is usually with the people but only some of the people rule.

Could a government today survive without the power to tax?

no because without tax the country can survive

Give 2 examples of country without government?

Somalia, North Korea

What major country has the longest running government without a major change?

The United States.

What pressing issues faced government in 2011?

Depends on the country. Without a specific country this question is too broad to answer. Re-ask with a specific country or countries.

What does illegal immigrants mean?

To keep it simple an illegal immigrant is someone who moved to the country from Another Country without the government's permission. They would have to hide in a container on a ship or swim there or something.

Is there a country without a capital?

Vatican City, Singapore, Nauru

When a governments power is absolute and can make its own decisions without having to answer to another country?

A sovereign government

What is country government?

A country's government is call a national government.

What is the only country in the world without a newspaper?

North Korea is often cited as the only country in the world without a newspaper. The country heavily controls its media, and all newspapers are state-owned and serve as propaganda tools for the government.