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a cover slip is a laboratory equipment piece that is used for putting and organism on

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What is the function of a coverslip?

A coverslip is used for expirements so you dony have to make a mess on the tables

Uses of coverslip or cover glass?

-->coverslip/cover glass-used to hold objects for examination under a microscope .

A coverslip should be used for preparing?

A microscope slide.

What is the use coverslip in science laboratory?

They are used to cover the specimen.

USES Of coverslip?

coverslip use to see the tiny objects.

What is a sentence for coverslip?

I would prefer a glass coverslip for this specimen, please.

A coverslip should be used for preparing a?

Wet mount of elodea (a simple plant)

What is a proper way to add a saltwater solution to the cells without removing the coverslip?

You can add small amounts of water without removing the coverslip. To do this, place a single drop of water on one end of the coverslip and draw the water under the coverslip by placing a piece of paper towel on the opposite end of the coverslip. :D

In science what is a coverslip?

A coverslip goes on top of a slide to trap the matter being viewed.

What is the purpose of the coverslip?

Coverslip keeps the sample uniform and does not let it spill and have many irregularities.

What is the use of coverslip?

A coverslip in biology is a small rectangle of glass that is mounted on a slide to be viewed under a microscope. The coverslip protects the specimen, keep it in place and/or make it flat.

What type of Small thin sheet of glass used to protect a specimen on a microscope?


What is the function of coverslip?

It is used to keep the glass slide "safe" from getting scratched and getting the specimens ruined.

How long is a coverslip?

If you mean a coverslip as in fabric used to cover and conceal the original fabric on a couch or loveseat, then it is as long as the couch or loveseat, plus additional length on all 4 sides to cover front, back, and sides to the floor.

Should A coverslip should always be used with wet mounts and the high-power and oil lenses?


Why should a microscope slide and coverslip be held by their edges?

A microscope slide and coverslip should be held by their edges due to leaving fingerprints and/or debris and how easily breakable they are. Leaving fingerprints or debris on either a slide of coverslip will alter the view under the microscope.

How do you make a hanging-drop slide?

To make a hanging drop slide, you will need: -a depression slide -a square coverslip -some petrolatum -the liquid suspension of what you wish to view Place a small spot of petrolatum on each of the 4 corners of the coverslip. Place a drop of your suspension in the center of the coverslip. Invert a depression slide over the drop, allowing the petrolatum to attach the coverslip to the depression slide. Quickly (but carefully) invert the slide so that the coverslip is oriented "up", and the drop is hanging into the slide depression.

What is the purpose of ethanol hydration in immunohistochemistry?

Its used for dehydration after the xylene process at the beginning and end of the procedure before the coverslip is placed on the slide.

Why is important to use a coverslip on a slide?

to protect the object

What is a coverslip and how is it used?

A cover slip is a very thin piece of glass used to cover a sample on a microscope slide. It stops the sample from getting on to the objective lens of the microscope.

What is the purpose of a coverslip on a microscope?

Coverslip is not placed on a microscope but on the stained specimen on slide . This protects objective lens of microscope from getting stain from a wet mount . It also protects permanent slide .

What is the name of the thin glass slide placed on top of a specimen?


You should lower a coverslip using a mounted?

you should use a needle

What is a thin glass square placed on over a microscope slide called?

its a coverslip

What is the glass called you put a specimen on under a microscope?

A glass slide: coverslip