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Q: What is a proper way to add a saltwater solution to the cells without removing the coverslip?
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Why must you read the temperature without removing the thermometer from the solution?

The thermometer reading will change from reading the solution temperature.

What is the used of the coverslip?

A coverslip in Biology is a small rectangle of glass that is mounted on a slide to be viewed under a microscope. The coverslip protects the specimen, keep it in place and/or make it flat.

How does saltwater clean your mouth?

saltwater helps kill germs without killing the bodies defense cells

What does homogeneous mixture means?

A homogeneous solution is a solution without interfaces (a particle with visible sides/something floating around that is not completely saturated) that is not opaque. A heterogeneous solution is a solution with interfaces. A colloid is a solution that has no interfaces but is opaque. Saltwater (with the salt completely dissolved) is a homogeneous solution; water with sand mixed in is heterogeneous because it will eventually separate and the sand has interfaces: and skim milk is a colloid because it is opaque but has no interfaces.

What do saltwater hermit crabs eat?

nothing without salt

Can you trickle charge a battery without removing it from the vehicle?

Yes, and you can charge it with a full size 10 amp charger without removing it from the vehicle.

Can you remove a transmission on a 2001 Eclipse without removing the right Transaxle?

The car has only one transaxle, AKA transmission, then no, you cannot remove the tranny without removing the tranny. If you mean without removing CV Axle or drive axle or Axle shaft or CV shaft (same thing) then the answer is still no. You cannot remove the transaxle without removing the drive axle/CV shaft.

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Why does plain water sit above the saltwater without mixing it?

It has a lower density,because there is no salt in it.

Why does plain water sit above saltwater without it mixing?

It has a lower density,because there is no salt in it.

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NO, my god no

Can MRSA on a surgical implant be killed without removing the implant?

Yes, an MRSA on a surgical implant can be killed without removing the implant using iron-oxide nanoparticles.