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What is a deep mantle?

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Earth's mantle is a rocky shell about 2,890 km (1,800 mi) thick that constitutes about 84 percent of Earth's volume. Two main zones are distinguished in the upper mantle: the inner asthenosphere composed of flowing rock in the state of plasticity, about 200 km thick, and the lowermost part of the lithosphere, composed of rigid rock, about 50 to 120 km thick. A thin crust, the upper part of the lithosphere, surrounds the mantle and is about 5 to 75 km thick. The mantle is divided into sections which are based upon results from seismology. These layers (and their depths) are the following: the upper mantle (starting at the Moho, or base of the crust around 7 to 35 km, downward to 410 km), the transition zone (410-660 km), the lower mantle (660-2891 km), and in the bottom of the latter region there is the anomalous D" layer with a variable thickness (on average ~200 km thick)

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Are mines deep enough to reach the mantle?

no they are not deep to reach the mantle

How deep is the mantle into the earth?

if you dug2,900km then you would hit the mantle

How many miles deep is the mantle?

1,800 miles deep

How deep is the Mantle?

roughly 2500k

How deep is earths mantle?


Is the deep mantle composed of material with a lighter density than the outer mantle?


Is solid rock located deep in the mantle called magma?

No. Magma is melted rock. The rock deep in the mantle is almost entirely solid.

What are plumes of molten rock originating deep within the mantle known as?

mantle plumes

What is a very long lived magma source located deep in the mantle?

A mantle plume.

Plumes of the molten rock originating deep within the mantle are known as?

Mantle Plumes

How deep is the earth's mantle?

Earth's mantle is 2,900 km thick (1,800 miles)

How deep are volcanoes?

They go down in the mantle

How deep is the whole mantle?

roughly 2900 km

What is a deep earthquake?

Deep earthquakes occur in a region of the mantle called the Benioff zone, where seismic activity follows the interaction between a subducting plate and the upper mantle.

What ore is found in the mantle?

No ore is found in the mantle because it is not possible to dig that deep to find anything.

An area where material from deep in the mantle rises to the surface?


The deep mantle is mostly solid?

Of course.

how many km deep is the earths mantle?

2900 km

At deep ocean trenches what allows oceanic crust to sink back into the mantle?

Conduction. Heat istransferred from the mantle to the crust, melting it to become part of the mantle.

The deep mantle is composed of material with a lighter density than the outer mantle?

False. Density increases with increasing depth.

What is a long lived stationary magma source deep in the mantle well below the base of the lithosphere?


Why does the ocean crust sink back into the mantle?

Because there are deep-ocean trenches which are deep under water canyons.

Oceanic crust returns to the mantle at deep ocean trenches which are?


What volcano is associated with the deep mantle hot spot?

The volcanoes of Hawaii

What is a energy source for hydrothermal vent?

The heat from deep in the earth's mantle.

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