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they love what they see mostly.... but not all, i am a teen and im in love. its whenever they are ready really. everyone is different.

teens do love yeah... it mainly effects girls of what people can see, and lads don't show it much but they still can love, it depresses teens when they lose love but makes them happy when they have love.

i thak that they believe that there in love at the beganing of the relationship but as it goes on then they actually realize that there not i thank that's cause they want 2 know that they do an they thank they are but actually they just have really strong feelings for that person i know that its hard 4 people 2 belive that there actually not tell its over what i mean by that is say u thank u love someone sooo much an when yall break up then u actually realize that your not well im a teen my selve an ive i thought i was in love once cuz i dated this guy 4 almost 3 years an in the end when we broke up we realize dat we real didnt love each other we just thought that we couldn't be with out each other tell we acaully realized that we could but this my oppinon on this:) LOVE YALL:)

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Q: What is a definition for teenage love?
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