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What is a descriptive statistic?

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A descriptive statistic is a numerical summary of a dataset (e.g. a sample). There are four types of descriptive statistics that are commonly used: * Measures of central tendency: the central or most common value. # mean - There are several different types of mean, but by far the most commonly used is the arithmetic mean, which is simply the sum of the measurements divided by the number of measurements. This is typically what people refer to as the average. # median - value for which exactly half the measurements lie above and half below # mode - most frequently occurring measurement in a category

* Measures of variability: the normal spread of values around the central value. # standard deviation - the mean of the squared deviations from the mean. 1 standard deviation is the range around the mean in which roughly 62% of the values of data will fall. # quartiles, deciles, centiles - divide the values in the data set into equal quarters (or tenths, or hundredths) by number of data points, to show how the values of the data points cluster around the center. # correlation - (for two variables) how closely the distribution of values in the two variables are related.

* Measures of shape: what the data looks like. # skew - whether the data is balanced around the mean, or whether weighted towards one side or the other # kurtosis - the 'peaked-ness' or 'flatness' of a distribution.

* Measures of size: # sample size - how many points have been analyzed

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What is the descriptive measure of samples?


Is a t-test a descriptive statistic?

A t-test is a inferential statistic. Other inferential statistics are confidence interval, margin of error, and ANOVA. An inferential statistic infers something about a population. A descriptive statistic describes a population. Descriptive statistics include percentages, means, variance, and regression.

Definition of descriptive statistic?

A descriptive statistic describes the characteristics of a known set of data; such as mean, median, mode, range, standard deviation and so forth.

Define descriptive statistics?

what example for decriptive statistic

What are the 2 main division of statistics?

Descriptive and Inferencial statistic

What descriptive statistic is not measured in the same units as the data?

The variance.

Statistic is resistant?

Which descriptive summary measures are considered to be resistant statistics

What is the most useful descriptive statistic of measuring dispersion?

The standard error.

The descriptive statistic that indicates the most common score in a distribution is the?


What is the most commonly used statistic in Psychology?

Correlation coefficient is a statistic that is commonly used in Psychology. It is a type of descriptive statistic that measures direction and strength in variables.

The descriptive statistic that estimates the typical distance of any score from the mean is?

standard deviation

Differentiate inferential statistic and descriptive statistic?

y=a+bx+e sample regression model differentiate between y bar and E(Y)?

A numerical value calculated for a sample is called a?

A numerical value calculated for a sample is called a descriptive statistic.

What are the golden bricks of writing?

Quote, Statistic, Descriptive Segment, Amazing fact, and Anecdote/Story.

What is the difference between descriptive statistic and inductive?

The descriptive statistics deals with prediction. The inductive and the deductive statistics basically deals with presumption. The inductive statistics is used in making predictions.

Is p value a descriptive statistic?

No, it is not. A descriptive statistic is a measure such as mean, standard deviation etc., computed from a set of observations. A p value is something that is obtained by computing a test statistic (using a formula which may involve mean, variance etc.,) and finding the probability of obtaining a value as great as or greater than the one actually obtained. In other words, a p value is a probability and must lie between 0 and 1 whereas a descriptive statistic is not a probability. It is just a number used to describe a specific characteristic of a set of sata.

What is the comparative and superlative form of descriptive?

more descriptive, most descriptive

What is a sentence for descriptive?

The witness statement was very descriptive.Descriptive paragraphs are a good thing.

What observation are description that does not use numbers?

Categoric or descriptive observations.Categoric or descriptive observations.Categoric or descriptive observations.Categoric or descriptive observations.

Which descriptive statistic always divides the data set such that 50 percent of the data values lie above it and 50 percent lie below it?

The median.

What is a descriptive text?

what is a descriptive text?

Example of descriptive?

ah descriptive fdfgdf

A descriptive word that begins with the letter z?

Zesty is a descriptive word. Zany is a descriptive word.

Difference between statistic and statistics?

A statistic is a distinct, descriptive value that has been acquired by some method (measured, counted, etc.). Statistics is the subjective and objective manipulation of the values acquired.A statistic is simply the count of something. Statistics (plural) is the count of something added to or compared to the count of something else.

What is descriptive-comparative method?

more descriptive

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