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HOV lane (High Occupancy Vehicle)

2+ passengers must be in the vehicle while driving in said lanes.

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HOV - High Occupancy Vehicle - lane.

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Q: What is a diamond lane on the freeway called?
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What does the diamond mean on a freeway?

On a freeway/highway, the lane which contains the diamond like shape is a separate travel lane. Specifically this lane is dedicated to the "ride share" and/or individuals carpooling.

Diamond lane on the freeway Indicates a High Occupancy Vehicle Lane?

The question is a true statement.

What is the freeway division called?

If you are referring to a freeway division (as in on the road), the answer is "lane." (:

What is an extra lane that permits a vehicle to reach freeway speeds called?


What does the diamond lane on the freeway mean?

A diamond lane on the freeway means it is a special lane on a highway or street that is reserved for a specific type of traffic (such as cars carrying more than one passenger). These lanes are also meant for the drivers who are not exiting any time soon.

Lane 1 on a five lane freeway is?

The left most lane

Is a diamond lane on the freeway only used for emergency vehicles?

It's an HOV - High Occupancy Vehicle - lane. Provided the lanes are open, they're available for use by any vehicle with two or more passengers.

What is a diamond lane on a free way called?

That is the marking for an HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lane.

What is a weave lane?

A weave lane is the part of the highway or freeway where both an entrance and exit exist. It is called this because cars will be weaving in and out of lanes to either enter or exit.

What number lane is the fast lane?

The fast lane is typically the leftmost lane on a multi-lane highway or freeway.

When your driving on the freeway that has three or more lanes in one direction which lane is best to drive?

in the center lane

When driving on a 3 way lane freeway you should know that?

If there are 3 lanes on your side of the freeway, the right-hand lane is there for vehicles to merge onto the freeway and it is the place for slower moving vehicles to drive; such as big rigs or cars towing anything. The lane in the middle is the passing lane for slow moving traffic, and it is the lane for primary travel of other than slow moving vehicles. The lane to the far left is for passing only, except when designated for specific use, like a carpool lane.