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in the center lane

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2012-11-16 20:46:53
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Q: When your driving on the freeway that has three or more lanes in one direction which lane is best to drive?
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Which vehicle has the right of way when merging onto the expressway?

In Washington State... You will notice that all freeway on ramps have a posted speed limit lower than the freeeway speed limit. When merging onto a freeway, the merger does not have the right of way and must yield to faster oncomming traffic. Now, it's different if you are driving on a road with two lanes where both lanes flow traffic in the same direction. If a two lane highway merges down to one lane the person in the merging lane has the right of way if their vehicle is ahead of you where the two lanes form one. This reply is confusing. The merger (or accelleration) lane is intended for vehicles to get up to the speed of traffic. Although you do have to yield when you enter traffic, you should be able to slip into traffic if you are up to speed. One of the most common reasons people have to stop driving on the freeway is because they can't comfortably speed up to the posted speed limit and still find a gap to enter traffic. The same is true with exiting the freeway. Enter the exit ramp at highway speeds and slow down after you are on the deceleration ramp. Freeways are intended to run smoothly and that is why you should use the ramps to gain speed and to slow down.

When there is a bike lane adjacent to the lane you are driving in can you merge into the bike lane to make a right turn?

No. You'll notice that the bike lane is marked with a solid white line. Anywhere you see a solid white line (such as lanes close to stoplights or bike lanes) you are not supposed to use those as merge lanes.

Is it illegal to pass a funeral procession in NC?

Where two or more lanes of traffic flow in the same direction, you may pass... otherwise, you cannot pass.

What does it mean When you see a yellow X lane signal?

prepare to leave the lane safely Explanation: Lane signals are used: -When the direction of the flow of traffic changes during the day. -To show that a toll booth is open or closed. -To show which lanes are opened or closed. You must never drive in a lane under a red X. A yellow X means that your lane signal is going to change to red. Prepare to leave the lane safely. You may drive in lanes beneath the green arrow, but you must also obey all other signs and signals.

What is traffic lane?

Traffic lanes are lanes on the road that are divided into various speed limits, so you can choose your speed and stay on that lane.

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Which freeway or highway has the most lanes in the world?

China, with 50 lanes.

You are driving on an expressway that has 3 lanes going in your direction. You will be driving a long distance ahead. Which lane should you drive in to avoid the most conflicts?

Middle lane at +/- 5 mph of posted speed limit

When should you drive in the far right lanes on the freeway?

When you drive slow!! And if you do, you really need to be in the right lane. Because if you drive slow in the left lane, you'll really (really) make people mad!

Which bowling alley has the most lanes in US?

The current largest bowling center in the United States is Freeway Lanes in Wickliffe, OH with 96 lanes.

What is the grassy part between the lanes of freeway called?

it is called a 'median"

Where should you start making a u-turn when driving on a divided street with multiple lanes in your direction?

In the left lane.

When driving a white dash between lanes are use for what?

To indicate that traffic in that lane is flowing in the same direction as you are traveling.

Does a you turn have to start from the left-most driving lane?

Yes, unless there are multiple designated U-Turn lanes for an intersection or freeway. (of course if they are not permitted, you don't period.) :D

What do the letters HOV stand for in Arizona freeway lanes?

High Occupancy Vehicle

Can someone pass you exiting off freeway. When there are no lines of double lanes?

Yes or no

On the freeway you are required to have your signal on for feet before changing lanes?

100 feet

What lane should you drive in on a highway that has two or more lanes of traffic going in the same direction?

right lane

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