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Q: What is a difference between physical traits and personality traits?
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What is the Physical appearance and and personality traits of characters in the book 'Freak the Mighty'?

Physical traits is what they look like + Personality traits is what they act like

What is the difference between crush and like?

The difference between having a crush on someone and liking someone:If you have a crush on someone, it means that you find their physical appearance attractive.If you like someone, it means that you like their personality traits; not to do with appearance.

What is the difference between pleasing physical appearance and pleasing personality?

Main difference between Pleasing Physical Appearance and Pleasing Personality is that : Pleasing Physical Apperance is just due to the cloths, accessories or make up that you wear. But Pleasing Personality is Combination of both Physical appearance and Internal Personality Traits which brighten your looks, makes you enthusiastic and helps you portray a more confident picture of yours. The way you carry yourself, communication skills, cheerfulness, sense of humor etc. Namrta Mohan

What are the difference between values and traits?

Values are what a person believes in and lives life by. Traits are naturally occurring parts of a person's personality.

What the physical aperance and personality traits for maxwell Kane aka kicker?

Personality; Shy Reserved Learning Disabled, Physical; Tall Clumsy Big Footed.

What is temperament personality?

Personal temperament is the combination of physical, mental and emotional traits of a person.

The difference between a normal personality and a abnormal personality?

There is no personality considered to be normal. Everyone has unique personality traits and one person's personality cannot be considered more normal than anothers. The same with abnormal personalities. It depends on what standard you measure it against. Then you could qualify personality as normal or abnormal.

Do traits vary from person to person?

Yes! Many types of people can have many different traits. There are people who have similar traits, but not everyone can have the exact same set of personality or physical traits.

What are Madonna's personality traits?

what are madonnas personality traits

What can be the most simple thing about a girl that turns a guy on?

it can be anything from personality or just your physical traits

What is personality emotional physical traits in a character?

stuff that you can't see. Like inside yourself

Who believed that personality traits are physical entities located in the brain?

Hans Eysenck believed that biological differences are responsible for variations in personality traits from person to person. (Essentials of Psychology by Jeffery S. Nevid)