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The main difference between a digital camera and a regular camera is that a digital camera does not need film in order to work. The Canon A430 is inexpensive and a good starter digital camera. It's priced around $170 but will last you a long time.

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Where can I find a digital camera battery?

The best place to buy a digital camera battery would be at the same store it was purchased. By purchasing it there you have a better chance of getting the right battery.

What kind of lens is required for a Canon digital camera?

For a Canon digital camera, a 50mm camera lens is just about right. You can also use other lenses depending on what kind of digital camera you are using.

Does the SterlingTek's Premium Fuji 5V Digital Camera Charger plug right into the camera for charging?

Yes, the SterlingTek's Premium Fuji 5V Digital Camera Charger plugs right into the camera for charging and also adapts to fit any kind of socket worldwide.

How do you take out a SD card from a digital camera?

Push it in then it will pop right out!

Shopping For The Right Camera?

With the number of electronic stores out there, it's easy to find a place where you can shop digital cameras. Photography doesn't have to be expensive and spending a lot of money on a particular camera really shouldn't be an option. There are many stores where you can compare digital cameras and find the one that suits your needs perfectly. You want a camera that enables you to take quality pictures wherever you need it to. By finding the right camera at the right price, you're able to take the pictures that you want with the camera that you need.

Where do you buy the camera on Nabooti island?

You buy the camera at Nabooti (which is the only place that you could). The trader on the right (the only guy) has a digital camera for sale, for gold or cash. There is a gold nugget in a palm tree above the second hut at the Kaya Forests.

What is the most popular digital camera in Germany?

The most popular digital camera in Germany can be divided into a variety of cameras from point and shoot to professional. Right now, the title is held by the Instar.

How do I find the best compact camera?

I encourage you to check out The Best MILCs Right Now so you can see the full range of advanced compact cameras that you can choose from. Find the Right Pocket Camera. Follow these seven simple rules to find the perfect point-and-shoot digital camera. How to Buy a Compact Digital Camera .

How much does a Canon Digital Rebel XT 8MP Digital SLR Camera with EF-S cost?

The Canon Digital Rebel XT 8MP SLR Camera ranges in price from $250.00 and up. The reviews for this camera are excellent making the price estimate just right.

How do you remove MACRO lens from Digital Camera Nikon d3100?

I believe there is a button to the right of where the lenses are on the camera that you can press to eject the lenses.

How does a camera zoom in and out?

On a digital camera, there is usually a knob on the top of the camera. On Panasonic cameras the zoom knob is around the shutter button. Left zooms out and right zooms in.

What's the cheapest high-quality digital camera with outdoor functions?

you can find a cheap high quality digital camera with outdoor functions like glare control in almost any camera that is on the market right now but go with canon.

What are the disadvantages and advantages of a digital camera?

There are many advantages that come with owning and using a digital camera. Advantages include being able to see your pictures right away, and being able to easily share them. There are not many disadvantages that come along with the digital camera. The only downside might be that they drain batteries quickly.

How do you use the digital camera on Nabooti Island?

The camera takes digital photos of the animals on Safari. It can zoom in and out, and pan to the left and right. Getting good pictures of the 7 animals is the goal of the Safari game. (see the related questions)

What is a small digital camera that is easy to conceal?

Try the Kodak models, but if you try to be spy like try the search the web for small digtal camera. Good luck on finding the right camera for your needs.

Can I take the Canon PowerShot D10 digital camera scuba diving?

If you buy the right water proof cover for it.

Getting Great Results with Your New Kodak CX7300 Digital Camera?

When looking for a digital camera that does not require a lot of complication or create a great deal of frustration to use, the Kodak cx3700 digital camera is worth checking out. This camera is designed to be used right out of the box. You will get a USB cable to connect to most computer operating systems, a wrist strap for easy carrying, a complete software package to allow you to get the most out of your cx3700 digital camera, custom camera insert for optional Kodak Easyshare 6000 series camera and printer docks and a welcome kit to make operating your new digital camera a snap. It includes everything that you will need to capture top quality pictures and videos. You can even share your pictures and videos with the convenience of a single button feature on the camera.

Shopping for a GE Camera?

There are many digital camera products out there, and a GE Camera is something that you may want to consider buying if this is the type of device you are searching for. People tend to look at the size and features of a camera when they are deciding whether or not it is technology that is right for them.

What is the difference between a digital still camera and a digital video camera?

A digital still camera creates files each of which contain a single image, and can be printed onto paper, if you want. A digital video camera creates a file that consists of many sequential images which, when played back at the appropriate speed, look like moving images (as on TV or in the movies). You might be able to print a single image from that file if you had the right software, but you could not, and would not want to, print the entire file.

How to Choose Digital Camera Accessories?

These days, it’s tough to find someone who doesn’t have a digital camera. Photography is an affordable hobby these days - and when you’re ready to take your skills to the next level, chances are good that you’ll begin looking for digital camera accessories.For some digital camera accessories, you won’t have to worry about what type of camera you have. Portable tripods which can help to ensure that your photos are less blurry - because you won’t be holding the camera - fit most digital cameras because they are a standard size. You’ll just want to consider whether you’re looking for a full-size tripod or one that will sit on a table top. You may also want to think about whether you’re looking for a mount that is flexible or that will screw onto the top of any water bottle.Similarly, if you are looking at digital camera accessories like a case for your camera, you’ll simply need to know the dimensions of your point and shoot camera, or the style of camera that you have - whether it’s an advanced point and shoot or a digital SLR camera.For other digital camera accessories, you’ll need to know more about your camera. For example, if you are looking for lens adapter kits so that you can add a wide angle lens to your camera, the options available will vary based on the type of camera you have. The same holds true if you are looking for an underwater case for your digital camera, an external flash, add-on lenses and other digital camera accessories.Ultimately, when you’re buying digital camera accessories you’ll want to think about your goals, your needs, and to make sure that you’re choosing the right tools based on the camera that you have. Compare your options, and make sure that you really are getting a great tool for the price as you choose digital camera accessories.

How do you delete a picture folder on a digital camera?

connect your camera to the computer and the files from your camera Pics/Vids should show up onto your screen and from there just right click you photo file or a certain photo and delete it

Where can one buy a digital camera?

Digital cameras can be purchased in varies local shops and web sites, however while it may be the most expensive option, a good store with trustworthy staff can help a customer find the right camera for there needs and interests.

Why do you need a memory card for a digital camera?

well, pictures need to be stored SOMEWHERE on your camera, right? just like how our memories store information, memory cards store the pictures you take. a camera without a memory card is about as good as no camera at all.

Where can someone purchase an instant Polaroid camera?

You can purchase an instant print digital Polaroid camera right from the official website. There is an online store that features several Polaroid products for sale.

Where do you swap the gold nugget on Nabooti island?

At Nabooti, the trader on the right accepts cash and gold, and he will sell you a digital camera for the nugget.

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