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A direct address refers to someone speaking to or about another specific person. When you are having a conversation with just one other person, this is direct address.

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What is the address to email bernard arnault or his direct mailing address?

what is the direct address to email bernard arnault - LVMH or his direct mailing address?

What is a poem of direct address?

Direct poems address someone in particular.

What is difference between direct address and indirect address?

When the address part specfies the address of an operand, the instruction is said to have direct address. Indirect address:When designate an address of a memory word.

What is Direct TV's mailing address?

What is directv mailing address

What is the address of Fireplaces Direct in Tennessee?

The address of Fireplaces Direct in Tennessee is 157 Autumn Drive Crossville. You check their website out, Fireplaces Direct, for more information about how to contact and locate them.

Chairman central board of direct tax new delhi address?

Address of Director for Central Board of Direct TAXES INDIA

What is an example of direct address?

Direct address is speaking to a person directly, or using a person's name. Example: "Mom, can I use your car tonight?"

What is the direct mode of address?

instruction contains actual memory address of the item.

What is a direct address lead?

it addresses the reader.

What ia a direct address?

In the 8085, a direct address is the address of an operand that is contained within the instruction. Examples are LDA 1234H and LHLD 1234H. Contrast this with indirect address, where the operand is contained in a register, such as MOV A,M and LDAX D.

What is Direct Addressing in computer systems architecture?

Direct Addressing in computer systems architecture is when the number in the address field of the instruction is the actual memory address to be accessed.

Which address is used by the router to direct a packet between networks?

Router uses IP address of destination node to do the direct packet switching..while bridge & switch uses the MAC address to packet forwarding.

How do you get the email address for CEO of direct tv?


Where can the IP Address be located on the DirecTV receiver?

Where is the ip address located on a direct tv receiver

What is a direct page register?

This 8 bit register contains the most-significant byte of the address to be used in the direct addressing mode. The contents of this register are concatenated with the byte following the direct addressing mode operation code to form the 16-bit effective address. The direct page register contents appear as bits A15 through A8 of the address.

Difference between direct and indirect address instruction?

the different between direct and indirect adress instruction

What is defference between direct and indirect address?

The I bit is 0 so the instruction is recognice as a direct address instruction The indirect address instruction needs 2 referance to memory to fetch & opened The I bit is 1 so the instruction is recognice as a indirect address instructionhe

What is Direct Addressing Mode for 8085?

The address is contained in the instruction. For instance, in LDA 1234H, the address is 1234H.

What is a bishop called in the Church?

In direct address, he is referred to as "Your Excellency."

What is the address for billing questions for direct tv?

Look on your bill.

What is the address to send a payment by mail to Direct TV?

It could be different from State to State . try this number to find your actual address that is for you . Home customers: 1-800-494-4388

Does your IP address relate to your home address?

There is no direct relation, but your Internet provider knows both your IP and your home address. So, there are ways to find out your home address by your IP.

Where to direct download movies with no credit card? go this address...

What does fili mean in latin?

Of the son; or 'son!' (vocative, direct address).

What is a sentence that contains a name in direct address and a possessive noun?

Example sentence with a name in direct address (Mr. Campbell) and a possessive noun (Nancy's):Mr. Campbell, thank you for fixing Nancy's bicycle.