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Cutting tissues.

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Q: What is a dissecting scissors use for in a science laboratory?
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What is the use of dissecting scissors?

Dissecting scissors are scissors that are used to cut tissue during the process of dissecting (or cutting open) an animal.

Why do we use dissecting scissors instead of a scalpel when dissecting rats?

Because, dissecting scissors are easier to use and it can cut better in terms of quality and accuracy

What is use of dissecting scissors?

They are used to cut through flesh and bone when a person dissects an animal or human.

What is the significance of common laboratory apparatus in science?

the importance in the common laboratory apparatus in science is that in science we need to experiment thing we use this tools or laboratory apparatus to understand cchemicals do and this common laboratory apparatus is a part in science too

Which is a dissecting tool?

A dissecting instrument is used during the dissecting process. The instrument is used to move the body parts of the animal being dissected. It usually has hooked tips to grab and move body parts.

What is the use coverslip in science laboratory?

They are used to cover the specimen.

Use of dissecting pan?

dissecting pan - use to put some organims and dead plants.

What are the name and the site of a laboratory equipments?

There are many equipments are use in laboratory like Analytical instruments, Bio-tech instruments, clean room Equipment, Dissecting Kit, Lab Accessories, Lab Apparels, Laboratory Equipment, Vacuum Equipment. They are generally used to either perform an experiment or to take measurements and gather data. Atcomaart is your easy one-source for all of your laboratory equipment, lab supplies and science lab equipment requirements. You can check this site for more details about laboratory equipment at the link below.

Can you give me the meaning og dissecting set?

dissecting set-means it will use to do something

What are the functions of a dissecting probe?

Dissecting Probes & Dissecting Needlesnobody has any idea

What instrument would you use in the science laboratory to find the mass of the solid?

Triple-beam balance.

What is clamp used for in science?

There are many types of clamps used in science: rubber tubing pinch clamps, screw clamps that hold laboratory apparatus in place, dissecting clamps, voltage clamps used in measuring cell membrane potentials, etc. Each has a different function and different use. It really isn't possible to clearly answer your question without knowing the type of clamp you want to know about.