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What is a doctors wage?

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Doctors wages vary depending on what kind of doctor they are, and where they practice. However, their salaries usually range between $100,000 and $500,000.

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Why is equilibrium wage for doctors high?

because the supply or doctors is relatively low and the demand is relatively high

What is a doctors hourly wage?

at least $20 and over. Depending on their experience.

How much do doctors make in Ireland?

The family doctor's average wage in Ireland is about €58,380.

Why does a surgeon get paid an annual wage and not hourly wage?

Most highly skilled professionals (doctors, engineers, scientists, etc) have irregular hours, and are paid as salaried employees.

Who was eligible to join the American Federation of Labor?

The Knights welcomed all wage earners of former wage earners including women; they excluded only bankers, doctors, lawyers,stockbrokers, professional gamblers and liquor dealers.

What is was doctors minimum wage from 1970 to 2008?

A doctor doesn't get paid minimum wage. They are paid according to the hospital they work in or the practice they are in. This can vary between states and cities. Any job that is a professional job is paid yearly and not by the hour.

How much are physicians salary per hour?

Doctors usually don't work for an hourly wage. Private physicians charge about 75 to 100 dollars a visit.

Back to work on light duty. i have a a doctors appointment today. is workmans comp responsible for my daily wage.?

Workman's comp will not pay your daily wage if you are back to work. Sometimes it depends on how human resources code things for workman's comp as well.

What is a good starting wage?

Minimum wage is a starting wage

Do you debit wage payable or wage expense?

Wage expense

The real wage will rise if the nominal wage?

The real wage is the amount of money paid when adjusted for inflation. This wage will rise if the nominal wage rises.

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Are the doctors on The Doctors actual doctors?

The doctors on The Doctors, really are doctors.

How much is the German average wage?

The German Federal Statistical Office for the average wage are given as an hour wage. The average working week is 38.5 days Hourly Gross wage €22.66 Nett wage €14.74 Weekly Gross wage €870.87 Nett wage €567.49 Monthly Gross wage €3483.48 Nett wage €2269.96

What does wage entitlement mean?

Wage Entitlement is when you get entitled to get a raise on you wage. A wage is when you get money or getting money on pay day.

What is the average wage?

The average wage is 10.50 Minimum wage is 7.25

How do you distinguish between money wage and real wage?

Real Wage = Money Wage / Price Index Real wage measures purchasing power, that is what an hour's labor can buy.

What is the wage structure?

What is the wage structure?

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