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What is a donkey pig?


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There is no such thing.


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yes and jisoo is a pig

When the first group of KKK wanted to pull the wagon to his house with food, he wanted to know which would go faster. A horse, cow, pig, and a donkey. They put a wagon on there back and they made the animal run and the donkey won. From then on they thought the donkey were smarter then the cow, pig, and horse.

it stands for a pig, a donkey, and darkness

sheep, goats , horses, pig, donkey etc.

by foot canoe or donkeyThe Mayans travel by donkeys, pig. And more

路 Dog 路 Sheep 路 Pig 路 Goat 路 Cattle 路 Cat 路 Chicken 路 Guinea pig 路 Donkey 路 Horse

In the book "Holes", there is A pig, A lizard, A scorpion and A donkey.

cat dog horse cow donkey pig goats and mules

Sheep or goat or occasionally from those of the hog, horse, mule, pig, and donkey

Hestia (goddess of the hearth& home) animal was the crane. [[Edit]] It is also the swine (pig) and the donkey.

you can get... cats dogs micro pig house chicken goat sheep cow donkey

Buffalo, cat, cattle, dog, donkey, goat, horse, pig and sheep.

rubini is a monkey donkey who is a stupid.po de panni[pig] inga poi answera ketathu ur thapu !

Horses, Giraffe, Pony, Sheep, Bull, Donkey, Pig, Cow, and more. Those are just a few.

Five symbols are mentioned with Hestia: Hearth,Pig, Donkey, Kettle,CraneAt least four of them stress her being the goddess of home and hearth.It is less easy to see why she is connected with the crane.

yes a donkey can have a donkey

Some animals that came to mind are:cowgoatdonkeymonkeyelephantpighorsecamel

In order for two animals to interbreed, they must be the same kind of animal. You can breed different species of horses together (horse, donkey, zebra, etc) but you cannot breed a person with a pig.

Dog cat horse cow goat tortoise turtle donkey pig sheep bull deer doe

The animals that come to mind are:cowgoatdonkeymonkeyelephantpighorsecamel


A donkey is a mixture of a male donkey and a female donkey and you are an idiot.

Ino pig, I think it is. =] Yea, I think it is, as well. In episode 101 when Kakashi was about to take off his mask to eat the ramen, Ino, Shikamaru and Choji suddenly come in and I hear Sakura say, "Get off, Ino Pig!" That proves my point. but i think sakura should be a pig...or a donkey butt!!!!!!!! ino's nickname for sakura is ''forehead girl'' sakura is the pig!

Donkey semen is donkey sperm

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