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American Gun CO. double barrel 271026

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Q: What is a double barrel 12 gauge worth with all original parts and matching serial numbers and internal hammers?
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It means the vehicle has the original motor and transmission.

Value of original matching numbers 98k mauser?

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add on

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There is no way you can call it 100% original if it is re-chambered.

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It means that the car still has the original drive train...(engine, trans, etc) plus all other factory original parts. This will make the car worth a small fortune.

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ford mustang 1966

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200 or so

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By winning the lottery with all matching numbers.

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depends on condition,matching bayonet and scabbard numbers,blade unsharpened,and year made,and serial numbers,generally a matching set would be approx $150-$200..

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What is the value of a 32 caliber belgian luger pistol with original holster 3 bullets matching serial numbers and made of nickel or stainless steel?

Value is too difficult to be accurate without seeing the gun. Condition which includes the amount of original finish and original configuration will determine value. Recommend taking it to a gun shop for appraisal.