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What is a download URL?

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Answered 2007-07-04 13:56:01 A download URL is the address used to download a file from the internet onto your computer. It is simply the location where the file is stored online.

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How do you download URL?

File ---> Save As

What is URL and how it is used for downloads?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It is the 'name' of a specific place or site or address in the internet. To download, it is enough to place the right URL in the Address bar and if the URL is correct, the download starts with no problems.

What is a download link?

A download link is often used as a direct URL to the File.

Where can you download a 911 video?

You can download it by going to youtube and going to the URL, and replace the word "Youtube" with "voobys" dont change anything else in the URL, it will automaticly redirect you to where you can download the video.

What is the download URL for nelson grade 7 math textbook?

There is none. You can't download it.

When i click on adfly link to download it every time says the URL you requested has been blocked as per instructions from department of telecomgrg url what to do to remove it and download files?

There is nothing that you can do to remove this block and download files. This Telecom department has specifically blocked that Adfly URL due to legal issues.

Where can you download WWE theme music?

You can download wwe theme music at the URL in the related link.

How can i download song from YouTube? put youtube url in there and then download the mp3

Where can you download chowder episodes?

See the related link for the URL.

Where can i download samara's song?

Get the URL of the song from youtube - copy and paste it - then go onto and type the URL into the box and it will convert it from a URL to a MP3!

How are you supposed to download Google earth?

Visit URL in related links section and click Downloadbutton.

Where can you download Naruto ending 1 raw?

you can try the users ussualy put a download URL.

How can I download Shakira's music video clip to my computer?

you need to go to youtube and copy the URL and search in Google youtube convreter paste the URL in to the box that says URL

What is does you need the url of the rss feed mean.?

RSS is real simple syndication and it requires a URL to allow download of the syndicated content.

Where can I find the Doctor Who Series 4 theme music?

If you go to youtube and get a video of it, you can then copy the URL/address and paste it on a website ( on the bar next to where it says 'download' then once you've pasted the URL/address clcik download then download your video.

How do you download videos on YouTube to your computer?

go to youtube and copy the URL of the video u want then go to or then paste URL in box and hit the button that says download then save it to your computer

Where can you download the song Shine On by Joey Auch?

You can go to youtube and find the song copy the url. then go to google and type in youtube to mp3 and put the url in the search engine. after you do that it will give you the option to download it.

How do download videos off youtube then on to a disk?

It is technically illegal, but go to, enter the URL. And then click download.

How do you download YouTube to your computer?

You can download by just adding the word 'want' in the Youtube URL.(ie: '' -> '...ww.wantyoutube...')

Can you download things off of YouTube?

At the related link below, you can copy and paste the YouTube URL and download it on to your computer.

How do you download stuff on your apple Mac?

The Mac automatically starts downloading attachments when either the URL is clicked on for an automatic download, or you hit a download button.

Where can you download the Mortal Kombat theme song?

go on video 2 mp3 then type in the youtube URL into the box and download it

How do you get clips of anime episodes on the internet?

You find the URL of the anime episode and then download it into your hard drive, then watch it. Or you can find the URL of the anime episode and then download it, AND THEN watch it tomake sure there's no buffering. After that THEN burn it onto a disk.

How do you download you tube videos to your phone?

download a program called aTube catcher and you will be able to type in a youtube url in it and it will allow you to download it to a phone in your case, or download it in a psp, ipod etc.

How do you download music legally and for free?

There are websites where can copy and paste the url of the song u want on YouTube and it will trun it into a mp3 download