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One central driving unifying conflict.

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What is the word for a dramatic question spoken out load?

rhetorical question

What is non dramatic poetry?

Non dramatic poetry is when your poem is exactly that, non dramatic. So when you use non dramatic poetry, don't make the poem(s) dramatic. It's just that simple. And thanx for sending the question!!!!

What is rhetorical Description?

Its a question that is asked to create dramatic effect....

Major dramatic question or MDQ is?

*The ideal around which the play is organized

What is the major dramatic question in the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller?


What question is the framework for a drama critics evaluation?

What is the goal of this dramatic work

What is the Major Dramatic Question in The Doll's House?

The question is whether Nora satisfy the blackmailer without her husband finding out.

Who are the dramatic foils in Romeo and Juliet?

I'm sorry but you have to rephrase that question, because asking who the dramatic foils are in Romeo and Juliet, you would have to give one of the characters from the (Play). See you could ask Who is Romeo's dramatic foil? Who is Juliet's dramatic foil? Who is Mercuito's dramatic foil? etc..Do you get it.If you don't then somethings wrong with your thinking process

What is the dramatic question in The Glass Menagerie?

Will Tom leave? OrWill Amanda succeed in keeping Tom there?

What question does a drama critic ask to determine his or her overall evaluation?

A.What is this dramatic work trying to achieve?

Who invented the second rocket?

I don't know. this extremely dramatic and complicated question was done by Joshua raciti

What is dramatic imagery?

Dramatic imagery is how dramatic an image is:) .... you're welcome

What is dramatic speech?

Dramatic speech is the foundation of dramatic work. The technique of dramatic speech is an essential element in the art of acting.

What is dramatic tone?

very dramatic

What is the comparative for dramatic?

more dramatic

What was a dramatic moment in William Shakespeare's life?

Shakespeare's life was not dramatic. It was his plays which were dramatic.

What is a Dramatic Description?

It is a dramatic description. A description that is a bit dramatic than what it should actually be.

What are dramatic actions?

actions that are used dramatic

What does melodramatic acting involve?

It involves being extremely dramatic in situations that otherwise would not be dramatic. It is not just extremely dramatic acting but over dramatic.

What is an example of a short dramatic poetry?

How was I To Know is an example of a short dramatic poetry. The short dramatic poetry is also called dramatic monologue poems.

Example of short monolog?

One example of a short monologue involves the dramatic recital of the famous "Hamlet" by Shakespeare: "To be or not to be... That is the question..."

What literary device is used to ease some of the dramatic that has been established?

You have left out a word in your question. What I suspect you meant to ask is "What literary device is used to ease some of the dramatic tension that has been established." If that is what you are asking, the answer is comic relief.

What is the dramatic portrayal of a character called?

A Dramatic Role.

What part of speech is the word dramatic?

Dramatic is an adjective.

What is a play called that is overly dramatic?

Drama or dramatic

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