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What is a ecettor telescope?

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it doesnt even existe on any websites

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What type of telescope is the hubble telescope?

The Hubble Telescope is a reflecting space telescope.

What kind of telescope is use to study the the heavenly bodies?


What are other kinds of telescope used by astronomers to observe star?

optical telescoperadiotelescopexray telescopeinfrared telescopeultraviolet telescopegamma-ray telescope

What type of optical telescope is the hubble space telescope?

The Hubble Space telescope is a reflecting telescope.

Is the Hubble telescope the biggest telescope in the world?

No, the biggest telescope in the world currently is the Large Binocular Telescope. But Hubble is the biggest spacetelescope.

What is an artificial telescope?

an artificial telescope is a telescope that is man made by people from NASA or anyone who can make a telescope

What is the difference between radio telescope and the Hubble space telescope?

The Hubble telescope is a reflecting optical telescope.

What is earth based telescope?

That means that the telescope is on planet Earth, as opposed to a planet in outer space, like the Hubble Telescope, the Planck Telescope, the Chandra Telescope, etc.It is a telescope based on our earth

Why are telescope eyepieces an important part of any visual telescope?

Telescope eyepieces are important of any visual telescope. It is the main part of the telescope and is what determines how the object will look like through the telescope.

What type of telescope uses a mirror?

reflecting telescope. uses a telescope.

Is theHubble telescope is an optical telescope?

The Hubble Space Telescope has a number of instruments, but the primary one is an optical telescope.

Why did Isaac Newton invent the telescope?

Newton did not invent the telescope, he invented the reflecting telescope. The reflecting telescope was a major improvement over the distorting refracting telescope.

Is the x ray telescope a refracting telescope or a reflecting telescope?

No, in the sense that the two things don't have anything to do with each other. An x-ray telescope could be either a refracting telescope or a reflecting telescope.

What are two types of telescopes?

There are MORE than 2 types of telescope :-Radio TelescopeOptical TelescopeX Ray TelescopeGravity Wave TelescopeNeutrino TelescopeLobster Eye TelescopeMicrowave TelescopeGamma Ray TelescopeThermal/Infrared TelescopeSpace Telescope(there are more, this list is not exhaustive)However in the class of Optical Telescope there are two main designs, Those using mirrors (Reflecting Telescopes) and those using lenses (Refracting Telescopes).

How is the focal length of a telescope related to the magnification factor and the length of the telescope?

The focal length of a telescope is directly related to the magnification in that the longer the focal length, the more magnification you get from the telsceope. How the focal length of a telescope relates to the length of the telescope itself depends on the design of the telescope. In a refracting telescope, the focal length is approximately the length of the telescope. In a reflecting telescope, the focal length is roughly two time the length of the telescope.

Was Galileo27s telescope a reflector?

The classical Galileo telescope was a refractor telescope, i.e. a telescope using lenses instead of mirrors.

Did Isacc Newton create the telescope?

No. A Dutchman created a refractive telescope. Newton improved the telescope by creating the Reflective Telescope.

Which telescope can be used during bad weather?

the radio telescope the radio telescope

What are the parts of a telescope?

English Dictionary and ThesaurusOverview of noun telescope1. telescope, scope -- (a magnifier of images of distant objects)Overview of verb telescope1. telescope -- (crush together or collapse; "In the accident, the cars telescoped"; "my hiking sticks telescope and can be put into the backpack")2. telescope -- (make smaller or shorter; "the novel was telescoped into a short play")Compound Nounsastronomical telescopecassegrainian telescopecoude telescopegalilean telescopegregorian telescopeherschelian telescopemaksutov telescopenewtonian telescopeoptical telescoperadio telescopereflecting telescoperefracting telescopeschmidt telescopesolar telescopetelescopetelescope sightThe parts of an telescope (optical generaly):1 "tube"(a long hollow object usually cylindrical) extensible/adjustable the Longer2 syst. of Lenses(convergent and divergent) to the extremity/external body part.......we can adjust a lot of things ....: tripod (a three-legged rack used for support), U.V. or Infra Red (Army) ...Night Vision...motors for turning/precision of his measurements (Solar)....and so ON ! But if you want the parts of the Chevy 1989 car Telescope...it's another..." tomato soupe"...Adios and : Have a good day,ChrisA* *www.productselected.com*

What is the strongest telescope?

the hubble telescope is

Who the telescope?

I accidentally the whole telescope.

What is a light telescope and what does it do?

A light telescope is a telescope that can see distant objects. For example, The Hubble Space Telescope is a light telescope. It allows us to see other galaxies. Hope this helps!

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