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A grade G is considered a fail at GCSE. The pass grades are A*, A, B and C. Any grade below C is regarded as a fail and not worth much to employers, colleges and universities.

If you attain a range of grades from D to G in your GCSEs, you may find that you would do better at a vocational course or a modern apprenticeship.

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A complete fail would be a U (Unclassified). This is where you either do extremely bad, or you don't complete the coursework or the test. Most people class anything under a D as a fail.

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Yes. Anything below a C is a fail. C and above is pass.

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no it's not because i got U's F's E's and still got into sixthform

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D and below

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Q: What is a fail grade for GCSE exams?
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How is final grade is calculated in GCSE in modular exams?

they are added together

Are Ds good in gcse?

Not really, a D grade is a fail, you need and C or above to pass

Is Troll a passing grade?

No, Troll is a fail and the lowest mark a witch or wizard can get in their exams.

How do apply to become a doctor?

get gcse's a levels at grade AAA pass university exams BMAT or UKCAT and hopefully with good grades you will get accepted.

Does d mean pass for gcse exams?

A pass is any grade they give you , but only grades above C are considered to be good grades, so D is seen as a not very good grade for employers.

Can you pass 6 grade if you only pass the state test but all the subject you fail?

no you can't,trust me i been though the same thing im in 7th grade if you pass all your subjects but fail one you go to summer school wich i did but if you fail two subjects you get left back if you pass your state exams or finals it counts as your grade for the third trimester im sorry but no if you fail all subjects but pass exams the chances are getting left back or going to summer school.

What are the grade boundaries for igcse higher maths and are they different from gcse?

IGCSE maths is allot more difficult then GCSE maths and so is any grade you wish to obtain. A C grade at GCSE is roughly 35% whilst at GCSE is 60%

When do gcse exams finish in 2010?

25th June 2010

What percentage do you need to get a a grade in gcse?

It depends from GCSE to GCSE. Ask your teacher what the A score mark is worth.

What does it mean type 'U' in examination results?

'U' is a grade, which stands for 'ungraded'. This usually means you have got 1-2 marks out of the whole exam.Grade SchemeHighest to LowestA* - PassA - PassB - PassC - PassD - GCSE Fail, College PassE - GCSE Fail, College PassF - FailG - FailU - Ungraded (1-2 marks)X - No Grade (0 marks)Z - Absent for Exam

When do gcse exams finish in 2012?

Wednesday 27th June 2012

What gcse grade is a level 7?

Grade c/b