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Impossible to answer without a lot more information. Need to know grade, condition, etc.


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Does it read "kec" or "ked"? The Remington web site indicates 4 grades of Remington model 1900 double barrel shotguns ( Grades Offered: K - Remington steel barrelsKE - Remington steel, auto ejectorsKD - 2 stripe Damascus barrelsKED - 2 strip Damascus, auto ejectors

You have an Ithaca Flues model made in 1914 you did not mention condition, straight or pistol grip, beavertail or splinter forearm, ejectors or extractors steel or damasscuss barrels or the choke markings on the barrel flats. 500-3000

In typical used condition (these guns were retailed by Montgomery Wards and generally used pretty hard) these guns will sell in the $300-$350 range. There are a couple of options that add some to the price, namely ejectors instead of extractors or a single trigger instead of double triggers. Mint-condition guns with ejectors and a single trigger might bring $600.

I've seen the barrels selling for around $25 in excellent condition.

You have an Ithaca sxs Flues Model made in 1914. Leaf pattern indicates Grade 1 or 1.5 should be marked on the watertable. If excellent condition as you stated 1200.00 plus. Other factors in price auto ejectors?, single or double trigger?, beavertail forearm?, Length of barrels?, steel or damascuss barrels, etc.

Beginning of the barrel to end of barrel.

The Savage Model 550 was manufactured between 1971-1973, not many were produced. The barrels are made by Valmet (Finland). In very good to excellent condition the price ranges from $400-$500. They have a single trigger, auto ejectors, checkering and light engraving. A very nice shotgun for the price.

In a standard clover leaf pattern, there are 3 barrels.

The one who makes barrels. A barrel maker is called a cooper

The plural of barrel is barrels.

it depends on the manufacturer and the condition of the gun. it helps to know the caliber of all three barrels. usually you have two shotgun barrels and the third is a rifle.

I would look at the number of barrels. If there is more than one barrel, you know you have at least a double barrel shotgun. If there are 1 or less barrels, then you don't.

It depends on the size of the arena that you set the barrels up in.

A barrel is 42 gallons. Divide gallons by 42 to get barrels.

Between barrels 1 and 2 it is 60 feet, between barrels 1 and 3 it is 90 feet, between barrels 2 and 3 it is 90 feet and between barrel three and the start is 105 feet

Barrels. Hence, do a barrel roll.

No. HBAR is an acronym forHeavy Barrel. Also, referred to as a bull barrel. These are common barrels used in match or competition model rifles.

Iver Johnson manufactured the Champion line of single barrel shotguns in a variety of gauges as well as .44 and .45 caliber with 26 to 32" barrels, external hammers, and automatic ejectors, blue with a walnut stock, between 1909 and 1956.

Total profit = 5,000 - 4,000 = 1,0001,000 = (50 per barrel) x (number of barrels)Number of barrels = 1,000/50 = 20

What condition is it in, That determines the value. BTW they all had Brass Barrels.

Three !! All barrel races have three ! :)

Name a "barrel" - there are all kinds of barrels in use.

A barrel race is a race in which a horse must be ridden around standing barrels.

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