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You can buy the Lorex Corp LW2110 Wireless Digital Security Camera Kit, which is only eighty dollars. You can put this wherever you want and access the wireless feed when you want.

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Although you could use an average security camera for night surveillance the quality would be fairly low. For high quality video feeds at night cameras such as Zodiak Color Night Vision Cameras are amoung the preferred equipment.

The cost - a good digital camera is fairly expensive.

Any new digital camera will be fairly high quality and offer you great photos. Some of the top quality brands that are also easy to use include the Nikon Coolpix and the Olympus. Both offer great quality pictures and are compact and user friendly.

The Nikon D40 is $499 dollars and is a very reliable, high quality camera. Other cameras that are fairly cheaper but still considered great cameras are the sony cybershots, Cannon PowerShot, Nikon Coolpix, and the Panasonic Lumix.

A good manufacturer to buy vinyl siding from is Home Depot, they will sell quality siding to you for fairly cheap. You can also call someone to get it installed for you if you aren't up for some work yourself

Sporting goods stores sell "scouting cameras" fairly inexpensively. It's not a full-fledged surveillance system, but they will take 1 to 4 infrared photos whenever motion is detected.

No, they are fairly low quality.

With the deals that are out there today, I would have to say around 80 bucks. You don't want to get anything lower than that because the quality will be horrible.

I use a Program called FRAPS. It's good quality and fairly easy to use. Unfortunately, the free version only allows 30 seconds of record time before it stops recording. There's also HyperCam. It has unlimited recording time, but terrible quality.

This is fairly expensive. Figure on about $1500 to get the A/C installed.

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It fairly depends on the brand of the camera. If the brand of the camera provides warranty then warranty will be applicable but adorama doesn't provide any warranty on the products.

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I'm fairly sure that comes with iOS 6, which means there wont be YouTube installed on it.

The average price for digital camera keychains is anywhere from 9 dollars to seventeen dollars. Fairly good deal. For more information you can visit �ۼ Electronics �ۼ Camera & Photo

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Scan the negatives or prints. Adequate scanners are available for less than $100 if your media are 11 X 14' or smaller.

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The digital SLR camera does not really have any known glitches. The customer review ratings are fairly high and most people have been very happy with their purchases.

It depends on the quality and therefor the file size of the photo. If you have a 3 Mega Pixel camera set on high quality, each photo would be around 1.2Mb so you would be looking at around 25 photos. Where as if you had a 6 Mega Pixel camera set on high quality, each photo would be around 3.2Mb therefor you would be looking at around 10 photos. Please note that these are estimates, although fairly accurate, there are other settings that affect the file size of the photo including file type (eg jpeg, raw, tif) generally if your photo type is set to jpeg (or jpg) you will get the smallest file size against the optimum quality.

The kodak cx7530 not only has a zoom function, but a fairly advanced on which can scale to 3x. Just as importantly, however, the system is able to do so gracefully. With a lot of cameras the zoom is mainly handled by digital trickery instead of actual zoom, which leads to decreased quality. The kodak cx7530 actually uses a proper zoom, and as a result the image quality coming from it is quite high quality. Especially compared to some of its competition. Even better, this is in a package which should be fairly inexpensive. While a bit more than a budget camera, the zoom functionality should be worth it.

That camera actually has quita a few. Here are some of the important ones: Fairly high-quality 10x Optical Zoom (most others have 5); An auto-focus that handles very dim- to very bright lighting situations; and perhaps the best one- the EASYSHARE system, which let's you dock with other EASYSHARE cameras- or directly to you computer if you have the optional camera dock. With that feature, you can upload your photos to a computer quickly with the touch of a button.

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