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What is a fast moving snake?

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The black mamba. It has been said to move at 19.5 kph.

The North American "Racer" snake

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What is the name of a fast moving venomous snake?

The Black Mamba is the fastest venomous snake.

Fast moving poisonous snake?

The fastest venomous snake is the Black Mamba. It is able to reach speeds in excess of 12 miles per hour.

How fast can a corn snake slither?

My Corn Snake is quite slow, normally moving in a zig-zag pattern when moving in an open area, frequently stopping to 'sense the air'. I dare say if he was feeling threatened he would move much faster, probably in a straight line ! You can see a video clip of him moving on youtube, under corn snake slither.

Are dingoes fast moving or slow moving?

fast moving

Are anacondas slow?

Yes - anacondas are generally a slow-moving snake - HOWEVER - the strike, when catching food etc, is extremely fast !

What carries more sediments a fast moving or a slow moving water?

Fast moving water.

Is a skunk fast moving or slow moving?

is a skunk fast moving or slow moving

How fast does a gopher snake move?

Fast... Real fast...

When you are moving fast what is that called?

moving fast in Japanese is "subayai"

How fast does a snake strike?

About as fast as you can move your arm.

Is a dolphin a slow moving or a fast moving animal?

A dolphin is a fast moving animal if you think about it.

Will there be more oxygen in a fast moving stream or a slow moving river?

Fast moving stream

Is a black mamba an omnivore?

No, all snakes are carnivorous. The Mamba is an extremely fast moving snake & highly venomous. It's venom is neuro toxic.

How fast do snake-fish swim?

a snake can swim about as fast as a row Boat at traveling comfortable pace

What is the world's fastest moving snake?

the worlds fastest snake is the black mamba

When you are measuring temperature you are measuring the?

How fast molecules are moving. If they are moving fast its hot, but if they are moving slow it is cold

What is fast moving lava and slow moving?

Fast moving lava is called "Pahoehoe" And slow moving lava is called "aa" .

Is an otter fast or slow moving?

fast. not that fast but fast.

What is a fast moving electron?

Fast moving electrons are equivalent to beta radiation.

Which change of state has fast moving particles?

Gas has fast moving particles.

How do lamprey swim?

By moving like a snake

How fast can a snake swim?

Surpriseingly enough, a snake can swim at top speed's

Is a ladybug slow moving or fast moving?

Slow on land, fast when flying (I think)!

How fast does a green tree snake go?

it goes very fast

How fast the particles are moving?

too fast

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