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What is a feedback mechanism?

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its a cycle of events in which information from one step controls or affects a previous step

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What type of feedback mechanism does your body have to detect this imbalance?

your blood pressure is the feedback mechanism

What is the name of mechanism that governs homeostasis?

feedback mechanism

What feedback mechanism is the blood pressure controlled by?

Negative feedback.

Is menstrual cycle a feedback mechanism?

Yes.The Menstrual cycle is a feedback mechanism because it is regulated by hormones which are controlled by negative feedback mechanisms. This mechanism includes hormones that are interacted with tissues in the menstrual cycle.

What is the feedback mechanism?

It maintains homeostasis

Sweating is a example of What?

Feedback mechanism

What is a feedback mechanism in the skeletal system?

A feedback mechanism in a the skeletal system includes the bone narrow allowing calcium level to increase

What kind of feedback mechanism is it when it causes the initial stimulus to decline?

negative feedback

What is a positive feedback mechanism?

A positive feedback mechanism is a system the responds to perturbation in the same direction as the perturbation. A positive feedback mechanism allow cells to adapt to changes in their environment rapidly and efficiently. Positive feedback allows cells to reach new levels of equilibrium corresponding to the stimulus in the environment

Is positive feedback the primary homeostatic mechanism regulating the endocrine system?

No, negative feedback is the primary homeostatic mechanism regulating the endocrine system. Positive feedback is used much less frequently.

What does a feedback mechanism not need?

Static in the system

A feedback mechanism does not need?

static in the system

What does the feedback mechanism not need?

Static in the system

What is the primary homeostatic mechanism?

Negative Feedback

How is homeostasis regulated?

its controlled by negative feedback mechanism NEGATIVE FEEDBACK MECHANISM: a system which automatically brings about a correction regardless of which side of the optimum the change has occurred.

What is the primary mechanism for maintaining homeostasis?

Negative feedback.

What is the first step of the negative feedback mechanism?


How is hormones secreation regulated?

mainly by feedback mechanism

What mechanism does the endocrine system use for feedback?

The endocrine system uses both positive and negative feedback mechanisms to help the body maintain homeostasis. The negative feedback mechanism is more common in the endocrine system than the positive feedback system.

Which feedback mechanism causes the variable to deviate further and further from its original value or range?

positive feedback

How does the negative-feedback mechanism work?

The negative feedback mechanism is important in many biological processes. The process can be shut off by the accumulation of products further along in the process.

What is the difference between feedback negative feedback a negative feedback response a negative feedback mechanism and a negative feed back loop?

in negative feedback. when an enzyme (negative feed back mechanism) produces too much of a molecule or substance that substance binds to the enzymes allosteric site to hault production of that substance (negative feedback response). and the whole process is the negative feedback loop.

Blood clotting and the birth of a baby are examples of the feedback mechanism?

The feedback mechanism is an aftereffect or reaction due to a certain stimuli given back by an output. The two examples can be considered feedback mechanisms since they are the aftereffect of a stimulus introduced to the body.

What feedback does a close loop servo mechanism uses?


What is the Negative feedback mechanism of thermoregulation of the body?

A response that reduces