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A feedback system, in general engineering terms, is a system whose output if fed back to the input, and depending on the output, your input is adjusted so as to reach a steady-state. In colloquial language, you adjust your input based on the output of your system so as to achieve a certain end, like minimizing disturbance, cancelling echo (in a speech system) and so on.

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Q: What is a feedback system?
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What is the negative feedback system?

If the feedback signal and input signal are out of phase ,then it is called negative feedback system.

Can you have a viable system without feedback?

A system requires feedback to fix out bugs and errors made by the developer, your system can be viable without feedback however getting feedback is recommended

Describe the negative feedback system and the positive feedback system and their relationship to homeostasis?

a negative feedback system and the positcive ffed back system and homoeostasis all have the ame gene and chrimosomes

Which body systems are responsive to feedback?

The nervous system and the immune system are responsive to feedback

What is example of positive feedback system in the human body?

A boiler is an example of a positive feedback system!

What mechanism does the endocrine system use for feedback?

The endocrine system uses both positive and negative feedback mechanisms to help the body maintain homeostasis. The negative feedback mechanism is more common in the endocrine system than the positive feedback system.

Does the positive feedback system reinforce the stimulus that causes the effect?

YES, + feedback systems enhance or intensify the stimulus. Eg. of a + feedback system = childbirth

In a positive feedback system how does the output affect the input?

In a positive feedback system, the output increases the input.

What are the two types of homeostasis?

The Negative feedback System & the Positive Feedback System are the two types of Homeostasis

What is formal feedback?

advantages and disadvantages of using a formal feedback system?

In a negative feedback system the response of the effector?

In a negative feedback system the response of the effector reverses the original stimuli.

Why feedback is used?

A: To keep a system stable. Without feedback it will wander around and finally saturate one way or the other. Feedback insure that is it begin to drift the negative feedback signal will bring the system back to where it was.

What type of feedback system reverses changes in a controlled condition?

Negative feedback since positive feedback adds to it.

What is the definition of negative feedback?

A feedback in which the system responds in an opposite direction to the perturbation.

What is example of negative feedback system?

Endocrince system

What are the types of feedback control system?

There are two main types of feedback: negative feedback which will return the system back to the normal level or positive feedback where the process will add until an end point is reach. Most reactions in the body are negative feedback but the best example of a positive feedback is blood clotting.

Open and close system?

Open system receive feedback from outside its environment whereas close can not receive feedback from their environment

What types of disturbances can act as stimuli that initiate a feedback system?

It depends on wether it's a negative or a positive feedback system.

Oxygen loading a positive of negative feedback process?

oxygen loading is a positive feedback response

What is a feedback mechanism in the skeletal system?

A feedback mechanism in a the skeletal system includes the bone narrow allowing calcium level to increase

What is negative feedback of a closed loop system?

Negative feedback is a feedback where it is used in negative side in a closed loop system.Such as a inverting side feedback in op-amp.

Is positive feedback the primary homeostatic mechanism regulating the endocrine system?

No, negative feedback is the primary homeostatic mechanism regulating the endocrine system. Positive feedback is used much less frequently.

How does negative feedback mechanism and positive feedback differ?

Negative feedback occurs when the output of a system acts to oppose changes to the input of the system, with the result that the changes are attenuated. If the overall feedback of the system is negative, then the system will tend to be stable.A system exhibiting positive feedback, in response to perturbation, acts to increase the magnitude of the perturbation. That is, "A produces more of B which in turn produces more of A".[1] In contrast, a system that responds to a perturbation in a way that reduces its effect is said to exhibit negative feedback. These concepts were first recognized as broadly applicable by Norbert Wiener in his 1948 work on cybernetics.[2]

How does positive feedback differ from negative feedback?

In positive feedback, the system moves the variable further and further away from the set point of the variable. In negative feedback, the system moves the variable back to the set point.Another answerNegative feedback will stabilize an amplifier. Positive feedback will force an amplifier into an unstable state. This holds true for any other system too.Another AnswerNegative feedback subtracts a portion of the output from the input signal. Positive feedback adds a portion of the output to the input. Both are useful. In an amplifier, negative feedback increases stability and bandwidth, but reduces gain. Positive feedback produces an oscillator.

What is it called when the product of a system shuts down the system?

Negative feedback.