What is a female hero called?


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I think its heroen


A female hero is not the same as a heroine. A "heroine" is the passive goal of the hero's actions in romances, for example; while a "female hero" is the female alternative of the hero.

Maybe these terms were created under a male perspective...

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A hero who is female.A heroine is the female word for a hero.

The male term is a hero. A female is a heroine.The related adjectives are heroic or courageous.

A female hero is a heroine.

Male is a "hero" female is a "heroine".

A hero is a male, and a heroine is a female.

A hero is called a hero --- it doesn't matter what age they are.

The name for a female hero is Heroine. Though it can be confused with the drug Heroin. I assure you they are completely different things.

I believe the answer to that question is "Heroine" pronounced hero-een.

hero is from the Greek, in Greek mythology he was a demigod, Hero is male and Heroine is female

Yes, hero is for the male. Heroine can be used for the female, although hero is sometimes used, as well.

There is no word spelled as 'auorine'. It is not in the dictionary. However, there's a word called heroine. This word is in reference to a female hero.

Shinx, as the hero/partner Pokemon, can only be male.

Yes, she is, though technically, the correct term for a female hero is heroine

its singular if you want it to be plural then its heroes or if you want it to be a female hero (singular) then its heroine

The book after the Lost Hero is called The Son of Neptune

The duration of A Man Called Hero is 1.93 hours.

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The hero of Apocalypto is called Jaguar Paw; his wife, a minor character, is called Seven. She is the only female character to have a relatively large part, and is not technically a heroine.

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The correct spelling is heroine (female hero).

a protagonist is a hero in a narrative/story. a female hero is a heroine, so there is no sexual differences in the term "protagonist"

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