What is a female magpie called?


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A female magpie is called a hen


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a male magpie has his coat nearly fully white and the female magpie is more black.

A young magpie is called a chick

Magpie are obsessed with shiny objects. This obsession with shiny objects is called Magpie syndrome. Magpie in the wild will collect any shiny object that steal their fancy.

Male magpies are called cocks

That depends on the magpie. There are four genera of magpie and 13 different species of magpie.

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The Australian magpie is native to Australia.

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An Australian magpie is a species of magpie native to Australia and southern New Guinea, with the Latin name Cracitus tibicen.

Nothing, when a magpie dies it is decomposed by bacteria & fungi.

the Latin name is Pica pica

A magpie, being a bird, has 2 feet.

A magpie is "une pie" (fem.) in French.

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the difference between a magpie and a crow is simple, a magpie is black, bue and white,, where as a crow is just black

A bird that only flies in wind is called a magpie.

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