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What is a flagella used for?

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they whip around and move the organism

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A flagella enables an organism to travel. Flagella are whip like tails that are used to propel the organism forward.

A flagella is how some cells and microorganisms travel. Flagella are whip like tails that are used to propel the organism forward.

Flagella are used for movement.

A bacterial flagella is primarily used for movement. This is created by a whip like movement through slime or water

Flagella and cilia are two used for movements. Flagella are longer and more "whip" like.

Bacterial flagella provide mobility for capturing nutrients and avoiding harmful substances.

The flagella are primarily used for movement and as such, interact with the environment outside the organism or cell.

to move the protozoa; locomotion

Flagella, cilia or pseudopodia.

Young cultures are typically used for a flagella stain because they are healthier and livelier. This helps the flagella get seen easier since the bacteria are continuously moving.

Flagella is already the plural of flagellum.

Flagella. Flagella Flagellum (flagella is the plural form) flagella

AnswerFirst of all, Flagella is a kind of cell, not the name of a part in a cell. The flagella is a cell that is pill shaped, and it's most distuingishing quality is the tail at on end of the cell that is used as a rotor. Edit:The flagella actually is the tail part of a sperm cell.

pseudopodia which means false feet is used by amoeba for locomotion while flagella long hairlike structure is used by the algae chlamydomonas for locomotion

The scientific name is given to flagella can be in three main categories. They include bacterial flagella, eukaryotic flagella and archaeal flagella. As a matter of fact, flagella is a scientific name.

"a flagella" is incorrect, since it is a plural. Singular is "flagellum". They are hair-like appendages used for locomotion by single-cell animals.

The three types of locomotion protists use are psudopodia, cilia, and flagella.cillia and flagella

I used a young culture for the flagella stain because the bacteria are more lively. As a result of this flagella would more likely be seen due to the bacteria's vigorous movement.

If memory's flagella.

They have flagella with 9+2 structure.Bacterial flagella differs from it

No,spirogyra does not have flagella.

It is used to propel the organism. It is like a paddle for someone in a canoe.

Cilia and flagella are both used for locomotion. Cilia are tiny hair structures that surround the cell, while flagella are long, whip-like single tails that propels the cell in one direction.

Yes, protista do have flagella.

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