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What is a flagship?

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AnswerA flagship has different uses in a fleet or flotilla of boats and ships. It is the command vessel, which means it is the vessel in which commanding officers for the entire fleet will be present. For a naval fleet this is usually person or persons with the rank of admiral or above.

The term has also been used by vehicle manufacturers, where the 'flagship' is generally the top of the line vehicle for that manufacturer. Sometimes is also the model that sells most and keeps that company afloat.


It's worth noting that, although the admiral is based on the flagship, he is not the captain of that flagship.

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What is flagship exclusive in abercrombie?

Flagship Exclusive at Abercrombie mean that the items that is label "Flagship Exclusive" or "Flagship Store Exclusive" is only available online or either at a Flagship store. A Flagship store is bigger in size. The normal mall that have Abercrombie & Fitch hold a certain amount of clothes while the Flagship store holds more. They design more clothes for Flagship Store. ~ Hope that helped you (:

What countries are Abercrombie and Fitch located in?

By the end of 2010, these will be the ONLY Abercrombie & Fitch stores in the world: •The United States (300+) •London flagship store •Milan flagship store •Tokyo (Ginza) flagship store •Copenhagen flagship store •Fukuoka flagship store •Puerto Rico mall store A&F will open these in 2011: •Paris flagship store / March •Madrid flagship store

The flagship of the ship of Christopher Columbus?

The Santa Maria was the large flagship.

Did the First Fleet have a flagship?

The flagship of the first fleet was HMS Sirius.

What is a flagship phone?

Flagship product basically means the most expensive or the prime product of that Series.

Name of the flagship of Columbus on his maiden voyage to America?

Christopher Columbus' flagship was the Santa Maria.

Where can you purchase a flagship?

One can purchase a flagship on Amazon or Buy Flagship Issues. They are sites that provide detailed descriptions of flagships available and allow users to choose the desired flagships.

What was the flagship of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi?

Miguel Lopez de Legaspi's flagship was the San Pedro.

What was the name of Lord Nelson flagship?

At the time of his death at the battle of Trafalgar, Nelson's flagship was HMS Victory.

What does flagship exclusive mean?

Flagship Exclusive is when keep Chard Warden's trolling from getting flagged on YouTube

What is the flagship of Magellan?


What Was the Name of Blackbeard's Flagship?

Blackbeard was not an admiral. He was a pirate. His pirate ship (not flagship) was named the Queen Anne's Revenge.

In what city is the Flagship hotel located in?

um, i had to do homework on that for world geography but, the flagship hotel is located in Galveston Island, Texas

What is the name of the boats Columbus rode?

Santa Maria (original flagship)Pinta (flagship after Santa Maria sank)Nina

Why is Adobe Photoshop the flagship?

Adobe uses Photoshop as its flagship as it's an excellent piece of software and easily one of their best.

What 3 boats did Columbus sail?

Santa Maria - his first flagshipPinta - flagship after Santa Maria sankNina

What are the release dates for Flagship - 2007 TV?

Flagship - 2007 TV was released on: USA: 30 December 2007

What is the web address of the Flagship Niagara League in Erie Pennsylvania?

The web address of the Flagship Niagara League is:

What has the author Nicholas Fellows written?

Nicholas Fellows has written: 'Elizabeth I (Flagship Historymakers)' 'Henry VIII (Flagship Historymakers)'

What does the abercrombie mean when they say flagship store exclusive?

When Abercrombie and Fitch says ' flagship exclusives' it means that the clothes labeled with that are only sold in the flagship stores, which means their biggest stores, like the one in New York.

What was the name of nelsons flagship?


What is the flagship of Georgia?

The University of Georgia

What is the flagship of the Royal Navy?

It was Bulwark.

What is nelsons flagship?

It was the HMS Victory.

Does Armani have flagship in Milan?


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