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What is a flame?


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A flame is a chemical reaction between two or more chemicals that produces heat and light and other chemicals, (products of combustion), For a constant flame to be maintained then there must be a method of renewing the supply of the two or more chemicals. (usually convection)

A typical example of a flame, is a candle. This is usually a rod of wax with a central wick, the wick is ignited, heat from the flame at the wick melts the wax the now liquid wax is absorbed by the wick, and through capillary action the wax (fuel) is a fed to the flame. The heat from the flame causes a column of hot gases to rise Upwards and away from the candle, thus removing the product of combustion from the area and drawing in a fresh supply of oxygen which combines with the fuel in the flame to produce more heat, continuing the process.


On the Internet

In internet usage, a flame is a insult, usually lengthy, about what a user has posted and generally doesn't hold any real information.


I like this question because of this interesting fact I discovered recently. A match will not burn in zero gravity. Experiments with matches on the space station showed that they extinguished themselves shortly after ignition because the gases produced by the combustion remain around the flame, cutting off the oxygen supply to the flame thus extinguishing it.

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White flame. The top of the flame is the hottest.

It is a spirit flame and a gas flame. flat flame,straight flame and adjustable flame

A yellow flame is named as a safety flame as it isn't as hot as the blue flame

A heating flame is a flame that comes out of a bunsen burner and is the hotest flame

This flame for the flame test is non-luminous.

A Safety Flame Is The Yellowy Orange Flame. It Is Called A Safety Flame Because You Can See It Unlike The Blue Flame

Blue Flame=Can't see (hotter then yellow flame) Yellow Flame (safety flame)=visible

A blue flame is usually much hotter than a yellow or red flame.

The blue flame is called a roaring flame and the yellow flame is called the safety flame.

The hottest flame is the blue flame and the coolest flame is yellow.

an eternal flame is a flame that never goes out.

when aluminium sulphur is burnt in a blue flame the flame will turn to an orange flame

Blue flame. because it does not have carbon

Flame in French is flamme. Flame in Spanish is la llama. Flame in Italian is fiamma. Flame is Greek is floga.

The white flame is the hottest.

Non-luminous flame and Luminous flame

The lighter it is, the hotter and more pure it is, so an orange flame is hotter. After that comes a blue flame, then a white flame.

the blue flame is the hottest flame. the orange flame isn't as hot and produces soot. your better to use the blue flame.

when the flame comes big the color of the flame is orange but, when the flame comes small the color of the flame is blue

The yellow flame (or luminous flame) should not be used because 1. It is less hot that the blue flame (or non-luminous flame) 2. It produces soot, as compared to the blue flame which is the clean flame

Its not a Blue Flame (blue flame)its a white flame. i believe it can get around 1,000degrees

The hottest flame is the blue flame - and especially the tip of the inner flame.

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