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there is a flash bang grenade. If that's what you are refering to, it is a grenade designed to emit a loud noise, and a bright flash of light, often used by military and law enforcement. The idea being to disorientate rather than injure or kill.

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When was Flash Bang Band created?

Flash Bang Band was created in 2008.

How do make a flash bang?

Follow the instructions on Youtube.

Can infrared lenses reduce the affect of a flash bang?

Yes and No, Yes because it will less-en the power of the bright flash. And No because the concussion effect of the bang is what really effects the victim.

How do you kill a flash bang blinded enemy in counter strike?

You shoot him

What actors and actresses appeared in Flash... Bang... Alien Head - 2013?

The cast of Flash... Bang... Alien Head - 2013 includes: Robert Kalison as Alien Pete Prochilo as Man

What happens when you put aluminum foil in the mircowave?

a massive bang happens and and lights flash in side the mircowave

Is Ryan Taylor a flash bang?

yes a very good one at that we used him the other day to clear out a room

How do you clean frozen smoothie out of carpets in a car?

use cillet bang or flash then use a match to set the carpet on fire

How much does a flash bang grenade cost?

There are "airsoft" type SIMULATED flash-bang grenades, and the real thing. The real thing is a restricted munition in the US, and is only available to a limited group- mainly law enforcement and military personnel. Cost vary depending on the EXACT munition, but typically range from $50-$100.

Is magnesium in flash-bangs?

The exact coposition will vary, and in many cases is a trade secret, but flash-bang grenades DO use some type of finely powdered metal to produce the very bright flash. It could be magnesium or zirconium/ titanium/ aluminum, etc.

What happens first when firing a rifle see the flash or hear the sound?

it will appear as though you will see/hear at the same time, but since light travels MUCH faster than sound, the flash comes first, and then the bang

How do you get 2 tomhawks in black ops?

warlord perk gives you 2 lethal gernades and tactical gernades but flash bang and willy pete

What happens when a fuel is ignited below its flash point?

Unburnt fuel fills the chambers and silencer, causing the loud bang of a 'back fire'.

Who invented the flash grenade?

More commonly known as a Flash-Bang, these were created by the British Ordnance Dept in the 1960s at the request of the British Special Air Service. Names of researchers in ordnance work are not normally released for reasons of their personal security.

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