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What is a flat land?

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a land without bumps or is also call a flat plate...BACON!

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is the land in china flat!!!!!

in jamacia he flat land is in jaaca

A platu is a type of land that is flat

Flat land at the mouth of a river

the most flat land in spain is in madrid

soil develops more on flat land than steep land because it will get more nutrients on the flat land.

flat land on a map is usually brown

For making a ranch it is necessary to get a flat land.But getting a flat land is not easy.Because the lands are not usually flat.

no the land isn't mainly flat most of the land is hilly or mountainous.

A plateau is raised land but is also flat land.

a flat PLAIN is a flat area of land

An area of flat land with higher surrounding land is called a valley.

They are called the flat lands. An area of flat land is particually called a plateau in geography.

They can touch down on both flat and rough land.

they have shortage of flatland due to most of it being covered in mountainous land so they have to make new flat land out of the mountains that they then dump into the ocean to create flat land that they cover in concrete also when the mountain land becomes flat they have more land to build on.

russia is the largest flat land in the world.

a flat open land is called a plain! I am not sure but the Indians live in the plains and when you look at a picture of them, the area around them is the same, FLAT!

Yes they do have flat lands.

a plateau is a high flat piece of land

An elevated area of flat land is called a plateau.

It has some flat land, but also many mountains and valleys.

An elevated area of flat land is called a "Plateau"

Fertile soil is one aspect of flat land in Egypt

a land form that is a flat piece of land is called a plateau. Ps if thats wrong soz