What is a foot fetish?

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A sexual attraction to usually women's feet.

you have to lick and suck a girls foot

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Q: What is a foot fetish?
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What are the sentences with word fetish?

Well, this site is full of them: "What is a fetish?" "I have a foot fetish." "My husband has a diaper fetish." and so on...

Do girls have foot fetish?

well some do im a boy i have 1 but yea girls do have foot fetish

Do girls like foot fetish?

Depends.some girls have a foot fetish some don't, some don't care

Is it bad to have a mother who knows you have a foot fetish?

Not especially, as the foot fetish is so innocent. But it is really better to keep your mother out of it.

How do lesbian or other guirls develop a love for other girls feet?

Foot fetishes are just like any other fetish. Not all lesbians have a foot fetish just like not all straight people have a foot fetish.

Does your girlfriend's mom mind if you have a foot fetish?

She shouldn't mind about any fetish as harmless as that one.

Is it bad if your mom almost caught you looking at a foot fetish video and know about your foot fetish?

Can't imagine anyone getting worried about such a harmless fetish (if it even counts as a fetish). But you're better to leave your Mum out of your adult video viewing sessions.

Why do you smell feet?

because you have a foot fetish.

Do most Asian girls have a foot fetish?


Does Charlize Theron have a foot fetish?


Where to find girls who don't mind foot fetish in South Carolina'?

Put in an ad in a Foot Fetish magazine or go to sex clubs and ask.

If you have a foot fetish yet you have a girlfriend you tell her about it nothing else and she says your dumped what do i do?

if she dumps you because you have a foot fetish then she wasnt worth your time anyway man

What is the training for being a pediatrician?

you need to have a foot fetish

What are the scorekeepers job in netball?

ryan has foot fetish

How do you tell your girlfriend's mom you have a foot fetish?


Why people like to lick male feet?

Licking Feet is an Fetish (aka paraphilia) which can happen to anyone. Generally, an Fetish can happen to any Gender (lesbian foot licker, gay foot licker, bi-sexual Foot licker etc.). To lick Male feet also is Bi-Sexual Foot fetish or Gay foot fetish. Well, there also women where lick mens feet, it´s also an symbol for respect and domination. Google Foot fetishism.

Has Justin bieber ever given a foot massage?

yes and he developed a foot fetish from it.

Is it wrong for a 19 year old Muslim guy to have a foot fetish?

No, foot are awesome

What if a girl give you a foot fetish?

Strictly speaking, nobody can "give" you a fetish. But they can lead you to discover one you weren't aware you had.

Is Alicia Keys feet ticklish?

yes, she has a foot fetish.

Why did they show rex Ryan on the news?

Cuz he had a foot fetish

Is it haram for a Muslim man with a foot fetish to have a girlfriend?


Is it haram for a Muslim guy with a foot fetish to have a girlfriend?


How do you find a girl in chennai who is interested in foot fetish or foot slavery?

i lovr=e to be slave.

What do you think about foot fetishes?

Sex should be responsible, voluntary, and equitable. Among other things, this means that if you have a fetish, it's only fair to tell your partner. A foot fetish is not harmful, as long as the foot doesn't become more important than the person it's attached to. You should control the fetish; it should not control you!

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