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There are many Football games for the Xbox 360. The most commonly known are Madden NFL games and NCAA Football.

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Q: What is a football game for the xbox?
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Can you play NCAA Football 08 Xbox game on Xbox 360?


Best football game for the Xbox 360?

madden 09 is pretty good.

Where is the pennant collection screen on the video-game NCAA Football 08 for the xbox 360?

There is not one. It is only on NCAA Football 2007....

Does a Xbox 360 play ncaa football 2006 for Xbox?

on xbox 360 Pro, & Elite u can play any xbox game,, but u cant on the 360 arcade on xbox 360 Pro, & Elite u can play any xbox game,, but u cant on the 360 arcade

What is a good birthday present for a 11 year old boy?

get them a scooter, football, Wii or Xbox game

Will there be a ncca football 2011 for wii?

No and the game you are asking about is the NCAA football 11 that was released on Jul 12 2010 for the Xbox 360 PS2 and PS3

Can an Xbox 360 game work on an original Xbox?

No, an Xbox 360 game will not run on an original Xbox.

What is the best soccer game for XBOX?

My opinion is thatb fifa 10 is the best but they are going to bring out fifa11 so i think that will be the best football game

Is there a sonic game for Xbox?

Theres a sonic game for XBOX 360, but I forgot about it for the XBOX

Can you an Xbox360 game on an Xbox?

no the xbox can not understand the format of a xbox 360 game (its too new to be used on an xbox)

What is the best Xbox game in America?

xbox or xbox 360

What is can Xbox live do that Xbox 360 can't do?

XBOX Live is not a game console. It's a online game service for the XBOX 360.

Can you play the Xbox game dukes of hazard on Xbox 360?

if it is a Normal Xbox game and you want to play it on the xbox you may need to manually update your xbox

What can you get your boyfriend for Christmas that has to do with Xbox?

A game for the xbox.

Can you record football games on xbox?


Can a Xbox game be played on a Xbox 360 that has Xbox live?

I don't think that you can play an original Xbox game on an Xbox 360 live. But some games from the old xbox you can play on Xbox 360.

How to make an Xbox game work on an Xbox 360?

Only a select number of games from the XBOX are backward compatible with the XBOX 360. The following link takes you to a list of compatible games. If the game appears on that list, then you start the game as you would an XBOX 360 game. If the game is not on the list, then, you can only play it on an XBOX.

What is the difference between an Xbox classics game and an Xbox game?

XBOX Classic game usually refers to the old XBOX games for the first XBOX system. There is now a 360 system. Some of these are available on XBOX Live in the Arcade section.

Will minecraft on Xbox have to have Xbox live?

For Sure Every Game On XbOX Has Xbox Live

Can you save Xbox game data to an Xbox 360?

Yes. Saving xbox game data works almost exactly the same way as saving xbox 360 game data.

Can you play an Xbox game on an Xbox 360?

Yes. All original Xbox games are compatible with the Xbox 360. However, you cannot play an Xbox 360 game on an original Xbox, or course.

Can you play an Xbox live game on an Xbox 360 without an Xbox live account?

It is possible to play an xbox live game without an xbox live account if that game has a campaign mode. If the game only has multiplayer online however, it is not possible to play.

Can I play minecraft the game on my Xbox?

Minecraft is available on the Xbox 360. You can download the entire game to your Xbox hard drive.

What is better game cube or Xbox?

depends, which xbox

Can a Xbox game work in a Xbox 360?