What is a french ham and cheese toasted sandwich commonly named?


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That is a Croque Monsieur

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un croque monsieur - a toasted sandwich

"Grilled cheese and ham sandwich" and "toasted cheese and ham sandwich" are English equivalents of the French word croque-monsieur. The masculine singular combination noun translates literally as "crunch-mister" in English. The pronunciation will be "kruhk-muh-syuhr" in French.

a toasted sandwich voir: basically the french version of grilled cheese but with ham also...

Un sandwich au fromage, s'il vous plaît.

Le fromage. Example sentence: I would like a ham and cheese sandwich. Je voudrais un sandwich jambon-fromage.

you have to say "give ... me ... a ... ham .. and ... cheese ... sandwich" very slowly and quite loud

french toast scrambled eggs on toast poached eggs on toast toasted egg sandwich

In french Canadian, they say "Grilled cheese". But you could say "sandwich au fromage grillé". fromage = cheese grillé = grilled

un jambon et frommage sandwich si vous plait

Croque Monsieur (French ham and cheese sandwich)

Yes, but it's just a sandwich so you can omit an ingredient if you like.

Sandwich in English = Sandwich in French

3 pieces ham 2pieces provolon cheese on French bread with margarine.

toasted bread is "du pain grillé / des toasts" in French

J'aimerai un sandwich avec du boeuf, du fromage et du poulet.

french fries chips chicken pizza hamburger cheese sandwich defines the dish as a French hot ham and cheese sandwich.

The Greek shepherds Feta and tomato sandwich

Recipes that involve Colby Jack cheese are Mexican macaroni and cheese, Mexican lasagna, Thai chicken pizza, spicy turkey sandwich and cheese french fries.

A ham sandwich is "un sandwich au jambon" in French.

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