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What is a function of a hygrometer?


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The hygrometer is an instrument whose main function is to measure the relative humidity of dry air. The uses of these instruments are many, including a humidor and a sauna.

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to measure dew pointit is used for measuring relative humidity

barometer and anenometer and theremometer and hygrometer and weather vane

A hygrometer measures in Percents. The max for a Hygrometer to measure is 100%.

a hygrometer is used to measure humitidy

Who invented the first hygrometer?

A hygrometer is important because it shows the humidity of the atmosphere. For a hygrometer to work though it has to placed outside.


Hygrometer use for measure humidity and temperature.

Hold the hygrometer in the air for a couple of seconds. Be sure not to touch the back of the hygrometer. Check to see where the pointer is pointing.

A hygrometer is the device used for measuring humidity.

There is no difference, a psychrometer is a type of hygrometer.

i used a hygrometer to measure the humidity outside

It measures the humidity / moisture in the air. Hygrometer is used to measure relative humidity.

a hygrometer is important because without it we wouldn't know the relative humidity in the air

You measure humidity by using a hygrometer. A hygrometer consists of 2 thermometers and bulbs.

No, a hygrometer measures humidity; the amount of water in the air.

A hygrometer is a tool to measure humidity so a weather man or woman uses it

Leonardo da vici (the artist) built the first crude hygrometer in the 1400s and francesco folli invented a more practical hygrometer Leonardo da vinci

The hygrometer was invented in the year 1670 by a man named Francesco Folli. Leonardo da Vinci was said to have built the first crude hygrometer in the 1400's.

A hygrometer measures dew point and relative humidity, or how dense water vapor is in the air.

Hygrometer is an istrument to measure moisture content in air, By comparing with master instruments we can calibrate this.

An absorption hygrometer is an instrument which uses organic material to measure the atmospheric moisture level.

In the 15th century Leanardo da Vinci built the very fist hygrometer. Francesco Folli invented a more practical hygrometer in 1664. In 1783 Horace Benedict de Sausser built the first hair hygrometer. John Frederic Daniell invented a dew-point hygrometer in 1820. Hair hygrometers weren't in regular use until the 1960s.

A hygrometer measure humidity. One sort of hygrometer is psychrometer, it has two thermometers one kept wet the other dry. The difference between the temperatures is related to the humidity.

hygrometer used to measure density of relative humidity in air by using a sensory element such as a hair

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