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What is a g-string?

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a thong

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How do you tune your guitar in D A D A A D tuning?

To be honest I find it near impossible to tune to DADAAD without breaking the Gstring. So I tune my E,D, and E string to C#, then my A, G, and B strings to G#. Then by putting a capo across the first fret you get your DADAAD tuning and you won't break your G string. I only tune to this to play Hope by Rush, I am not familiar with any other songs in this tuning.

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What are the six strings names on an acoustic guitar?

Standard tuning is E-A-D-G-B-e. The names goes as follows. First pick up the guitar as if you were going to play it. The string closest to the ground is called the high E string, or the first string (it is the thinnest) The string above this one is called the B string or the second string The string above this one is called the Gstring or the third string The next one above is called the D string or the fourth string The next one above is called the A string or the fifth string The highest string is called the low E string or the sixth string. (it is the thickest)

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