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Geographic formation, are components of a planet that can be referred to as locations, sites, areas, or regions (and therefore may show up on maps). There are natural geographic features, abstract geographic features, and on Earth there are also artificial geographic features. Natural geographic features include landforms and ecosystems. Landforms are terrain types and bodies of water. Ecosystems are natural units consisting of all plants, animals and microorganisms (biotic factors) in an area functioning together with all of the non-living physical (abiotic) factors of the environment.[1] Ecosystems come in many types and sizes, including ecozones, biomes (natural habitats such as tundra and forests), ecoregions, and many others. Abstract geographic features include politically designated areas and cartographical features (such as the Equator). Artificial geographic features include settlements and engineered constructs (such as dams, highways, and bridges).

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Yes, geographic barriers guarantee the formation of new species.

Yes, it is a natural geographic formation in Turkey.

The term for the development of a new species via evolution is called peripatric speciation in geographic isolation conditions.

That National Geographic Museum is located in Washington, D.C. and include many unique exhibits such as Formation: Earth In Motion, Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archeology, National Geographic Treasures of the Earth, & Real Pirates.

Guarantee? No. If there is not sufficient variance genetically by recombination and mutation in the immediate environment then nothing will speciate. But geographic barriers are very likely to aid speciation.

Allopatric Speciation (geographic isolation) can lead to the formation of a new species because the population is split in two smaller populations by a physical barrier (river, canyon, mountain...).

Geographic IsolationSpeciation in the Galápagos finches occurred by founding of new populations, geographic isolation, gene pool changes, reproductive isolation, and ecological competition.

the isolation make that organism adapt to the place and evolved in the time and have a new species. I HOPE THIS HELPS ;)

Speciation refers to the formation of a new and distinct species over a period of time. Some of its causes are geographic isolation and the reduction of gene flow.

A mountain is a geographic feature, a river is a geographic feature, a sea is a geographic feature.

Geographic barrier is the barrier which cease the movement of any organism through it. Now as rodents which are not able to cross the river stay apart and develop into different species whereas the as the birds are able to fly the can cross this barrier and can cross with the birds of other part which did not lead the formation of new species of birds.

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